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y what the pointy end of the mouse does to a Brazillan Wandering Spider in a clinical testing environment. It would be no surprise if the researchers were nominated for an ig Nobel

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the ministrations of nerds. But for their sweaty, asthmatic countenance, they'd be our Google glass-wearing lords. My son scratched the "gl" off the logo of my pair. "Google Ass,"

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As the office lamp of destiny predicted, my work as an accountant quickly became much more stressful and I tried to function as normal before quickly burning out and resorting to

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Squeamish, she scrammed. Sam surreptitiously sneaked, stashed, swallowed several scrumptious snacks, soon sighting seven silver spoons.

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2" "1" "Blastoff" said the Inaccurate Aviation Pilot. With a face full of insects Kate really wished she been given a window seat as the rockets blasted into the air but employees

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I thought my life as an umbrella was somewhat smelly until I met a dung beetle named Mr Dung. Mr Dung and I became best friends through our shared experiences in dealing with poo.

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Liz thought of it. An island in the southern Pacific named McDonald island was to be captured. She would start the McNazis and overthrow Burger King in a daring blitzkrieg.

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I approached Vlad. "The mob wants you take a dive against the Hun in the fifth." The Ukrainian gypsy stared back with ice-blue eyes, "no." My days were numbered.

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Not sure when my Kool-Aid problem got out of hand. Perhaps when I drank 30L without spilling on my white shirt. Whatever the case, I needed distraction from my 3 nasty wives.

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the sweat from our brows... and we liked it I tell ya!' Now FoldingStory is 'digital.' All kids have to do these days is press a red button and random drivel spews forth from