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Wife #5 just rolled her eyes & said "You're credit limit is pegged on the platinum card. I bought a Lamborghini." Dr. Drinkingstein's clone said "Are we done playing Doctor, Dr.?"

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I am trying to give nothing away but the truth might as well smooth the path that lies before me. That path will be dead to me. I will spit every time I hear it's name and twice on

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Not shuffling papers agrees with your complexion as does that mote. It is a huge blind spot preventing you from seeing the real you and how complicit. The end of the line bears no

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Listing possible album names for our new hit mixtape due to drop in June.

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Ok Jenkins, you are free to go. I apologize that you had to spend 3 days in the drunk tank for a misfiled case file. You were misfiled as a duck. Anyway just pay the J Walking tic

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SPOT ECHELON: 1, Veronica 2, Betty. 3, Archie. 4, Jughead. 5, Reggie. Clydesdale enjoyed his first day as the new 2nd assistant mop boy at the Pornorama over on Collingwood near

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I'm not your Oompa Loompa/ I'm not your Oompa Loompa/ and I'm not your Oompa Oompa Oompa hoe! What you see as interest is far from applause where I stand. Judgement, even.

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Totally foreshadowed by the shadow on the wall in the 4th fold. I know you went back there just now and finally noticed it. Now you think you know where we will end up in the last.

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Kicked Romulus & Remus to the curb, went around the corner & collected her friend Bessie, the she goat who weened R. Kelly off of borscht. Together, wolf & goat, are up to the task

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The gentle, yet pungent aroma of the rosemary overcame them, the lovers of white sheets, almost as if by magic. They doffed their sheets, unfettered now, into the dark clouds.