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Now this is a tale most peculiar, about a man who died before he was born. "Halt!" you say, "How can this be?" but I assure you it happened just as I am about to tell it.

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Arle put his phone in his pocket. "Who was that", asked Frenz. "Another angry villager asking what is he supposed to feed his kids if we keep killing all the dragons and good morni

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"Hey Grandpa, we're even!" I said. "The heck we are," he groused, "I've beat you every game, fair and square!" So I unended the checkerboard and he threw sharp butter at me and we

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An Amazon package came to my doorstep, even if I didn't order anything. It had to be a hundred pounds at least, and when I opened it, it was my fifth grade teached, Mr. Armitage.

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Sensing his predicament, Gerta whipped the tinfoil off her deli sandwich and wrapped it around his head. "Is that any better?" she asked the strange, rambling man. "Tin foil dogs!"

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provided as much auditory satisfaction as the explosion of flavor which had just recently graced my taste buds. On the verge of sensory overload, I reached out to grasp anything

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Yet, at this moment, my anxieties abated as I picked one up. For some reason, the numbers which filled the screen quelled any feelings of self-consciousness which may have crept

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he revolted. He extended his saw arm and chased the armies of the undead robots back to hell from whence they came or back to the smelter before they could drag the country into wa

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hope in this grey world than those pessimistic pragmatists claimed. Gilbert the Grey was inside shining white. His incandescent soul would be a beacon in the coming days when

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Of course, everyday Em ee would also kick down said door. With a mocking smile (bc imperf constr), the android would say, rather mockingly (ironic), "time to get up, sleepy head"