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"Something like that". That old man admitted with a wry smile. "But sexy as hell, with legs to die for and a smile that can destroy people's lives. God sure is a sick fuck.

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dulces manos de alguien a quien traicioné. O quizás no... Quienquiera que sea usted le pido que indague en las pistas que pueda encontrar. No hay mucho que pueda dejarle a cambio,

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"That's enough!!!" yelled the photographer. "I just asked you to say it once!". The photographer stormed out of the room ruing the day he chose photography for a career.

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Professor Romanov woke up as a tortoideshell cat who had bern spayed, so she explored her human's bookshelf daily out of curiosity. She found Orwell and Shakespeare fascinating

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Revolution had begun. Her landlord thought she was losing it, then started throwing things in the kitchen and she suggested folding stories as a better way of self expression. The

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burn the building. This caused the people to panic even more until everybody had a heart attack. Unfortunately there were 30 survivors, the 30 survivors were the annoying ones too.

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pounced on them. Pappa squirrel lost the grand title of Pappa. After weeping for a good 3 days he ate the corpses of his young lings and became a cannibal.

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She marched all the way to the Valve headquarters to plant a bomb. In rage she murdered EVERYONE in the building. She began hunting the makers of overused memes across the world.

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The limo ground to a halt, windows lowered, and Ikeelusonabeetch's men opened fire with tommy guns. It missed 20cent. His lit butane-soaked rag found the hash oil stash in the car,

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. Just up and vanished. Most unlike Bill, he was always just around. Kind of like the various strange smells that wafted through this creepy hotel. She figured it was about time th