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My first instinct was to call the police but I was afraid they'd noticed I was eavesdropping, so I left as quietly as possible. I don't want to anger any serial killers.

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lifted off a dead priestess, & gave them to ShortRound, as the sign really read: "Whom stolen property shall be found upon, will fall prey to the Whoopie Monster". "Thanks, Indy!"

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That help promote his medical practise? His mum advised him to play it safe and advertise In local newspapers. Some had free ads.

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Cannibalism had been outlawed for centuries, until our dear current president Norman Buscher had a taste of his Aunt Beth's kidneys. Now? People were begging for it in the streets.

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Taipan would often catch other stray cats doing the same thing after their cupboards were drained of cat food, though he felt he had the upper hand. The radioactive mice had a

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cheek. She was a MILF, after all. How else would you expect an older woman to show affection towards someone younger? Sandy and her young date sat down at the dining table

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They played ping pong, which was a brand new export from China at the time. This way they had tea and played a then unfamiliar game to pleasantly while away the afternoon. Lord

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But, no I'm not a book geek, that's true, but you know what I am, I am a Sports Geek! And that means really, I am a Jock. I'm a sports geek and damn proud!

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snapped."That's it,dad.Re-Education time!"I strapped a 40" tv to his head & made him watch Jerry Seinfeld routines for 10h.After the cleansing,I fed him quality:C.K.,Carlin,etc.

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. Sake and Teriyaki are my best friends. The stuffed sausages floated happily in a tempting brown sauce while my guests had cocktails and appys.