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"Haha" We cried laughing at my bro's joke. The drive-thru guy yells "You makin' fun at my lipido son's a biatches?" "Does your ballpark frank plumps when your old lady grills you?"

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cheeks that seduced the hot single ladies in his area, making him the bane of the hero known as AdBlock

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to prevent the PussyDestroyers from ravaging my rectal cavity. One crept up on me now, and I grabbed my Deus Ex Machina to destroy it. "This is for Ash. And my mother."

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the others can't take care of this one." Saitama looked at him blankly. "Are you kidding?" Saitama turned back to the monster and swung his fist, obliterating it instantly.

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Such a small beast it was. Lizard and King, and hungry. The General pulled some sliced cheese out of his bag and fed the Dragon King. On the side of the road, another car

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your teeth, your lumpy, swollen lips, your greying cheeks, darkened by moldy facial hair, is hard to describe without getting sick." It wasn't the first time she was drunk and

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gassy, to say the least. "No.", I said as I munched on Martian soil. Saturn looked at me funny." Philip was savaged by his bird when he tried to feed it." "Wasn't it a sparrow?"

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capella rendition of Journey summoned the 4 horses of Karaokeocalypse- the most Milquetoastian endtime. A reality rift tore Rock Hudson Blvd. in two, revealing the First Horseman:

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unable to comprehend what is to be said. My life is in ruin, I'm often not fed, and I'm not sure if I will ever be wed. In the end, to what has my whole life led?

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I took out my notebook and jotted down 7 pages notes. Someone advertised being able to act like a monkey and swing from tree to tree. There was a toll free number I jotted down too