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JOHN CENA walked in, fanfares playing. He handed the child a small monkey. "Inside this monkey is a lot of money. Will you kill the monkey to obtain wealth?"

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All possible. She wondered why a crow might pass secret messages about brandy, beards, or barber hats. Perhaps she was in danger from a drunk barber with magnificent facial hair.

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"You know why, Lucy," replied the gentle and divine voice of the angel Gabriel. "Because you're the only fallen angel that hasn't repented yet, and also a total arse sometimes, so

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that he was willing to share his tree, as long as I didn't drink coffee, so I kept quiet about my earlier place at the cafe. One day, he asked me to tell him a story, and I

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and popped out with a green and white salsa dancing outfit. "Mario, you think you can best Luigi at the Salsa! You're dead meat, mama mia!" He twirled around the dance floor, when

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or some sort of curse had been put upon me by some benevolent beast. But now I know the truth, thanks to Lock picking is in my blood! As my grandfather once said,

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a pillow from a nearby child, sleeping innocently in a stroller. Steve shook his head in disgust at the mother. "Sloths get especially aggressive when pillows are thrown by babies

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breakdanced. Finally, I got the holdup man's attention. I told him off: "How would YOU feel if everyone ignored you?" "I-I had no idea." He made every shopper 'like' me on Facebook

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Or would they ever say? Either way, that puts humans out of work and forces them to panhandle or sleep in Lower Wacker Drive. Or it drives them to do other illegal things...

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reason to go there is to get loaded on Zin or A & W root beer. The natives plied the Sherpas with a mix of both. Zin floats they called 'em & so my mountain trek ended in Lodi gain