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pero la mafia hispana fue plantar cargas explosivas para evitar un alto viendo el envío ilegal de patógenos de zombie. Arruinada la propiedad, junto con Amica.

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Perhaps everyone hates me. Nobody likes a delirious addict who mumbles strange anecdotes to himself. If only I had just called

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In fact, bury my truck with me, bury me in my truck, with my gun and my dog and make sure she doesn't come within fifty yards of my grave, install a machinegun for all I care.

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and did that wife assuming thing again, "Don't be cranky at me again because your movie doesn't satisfy you." She said assertively. I got my gun and snack bar to hunt bad directors

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snow men, much as the Soviets camouflaged their nuclear warheads in earth mounds. Hundreds of snowmen dotted the lawn, and at any moment an Eskimo might launch

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and proceeded to give the planet a 2 star review with a brief note mentioning that nobody should ever visit it. Her Drive-Ya-Inta Spaceship didn't have enough fuel for her to leave

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is going to be an extraordinary hassle seeing as I never completed my essay explaining the physical limits of time travel. Maybe the omens are foreshadowing the beatings I'll recie

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This is a great issue, it includes a brief segment on achieving the perfect consistency of mashed potatoes. A work of the greats. As far as potatoes go I must be a novice. What do

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And said enemy turned out to be Tony Stark/Iron Man. Siv then laughed at Tony, taunting, "How can you possibly win? I've got an army!" Tony responded, "We've got a Hulk..."

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young Earth theory. My computer kept crashing when I went to the URL, so I set out for the PC repair shop. But I crashed my car into one of those inflatable wavy people outside a