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Once Beans & Tickles were inside, they pilfered Ruby's radishes and absconded to their hideout, staying warm together on the winter nights. Now they would perform their biggest

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It was not a particularly sharp implement, but I don't suppose permanent damage was the point. After all, I was already dead, wasn't I? This was surely the worst kind of hell.

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sniff my purse! So just move along and don't look at the paper, don't look at the lines... Oh no! If you get my message that means you're reading it! How am I supposed to get this

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lingered in my mind, undiluted by a third scotch. Families didn't used to be so much paperwork, but without meeting my wife's stringent rating system, she'll never let me stick it

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a large pool of protoblood was waiting for them at last. Zomboyfriend dragged himself over towards it, knowing that his struggle would soon be over. That is, until the unibacorn

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- I just wish evwyone would beweave it. I wanna be a wealy wighteous weabo someday. Cowect if I'm wong, but don't weal weabos wike weaving evil plans?

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staggered in from the rotunda. "I detest marg," he said. "Oh, she's sweet once you get to know her," I said, pruning an azalea bush. "Not Marge, marg!" "Then make your own dinner,"

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A..." Chaz didn't know the letter N. In his headrush to win the Ho chi Minh Trail Memorial Spelling Bee, he had only learned the first nine letters of the alphabet. All eyes were

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to be in rehab. "I'll scold you later," she scolded, and rushed to the phone. She learned that Blaze Baker's clinic released him when he changed his legal name to Gunzo the Clown,

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Kurt Russel in medieval Egypt. They watched in horror through their chronocams as he was forced to raft-joust Pharaoh's finest along the Nile. But the chief foot fetishist kept