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decided to spray the whole team with silly string" the coach yelled back. "It was funny you have to admit" Devon said as he continued to run along the tracks, "But I wasn't the one

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lotion salesperson displayed her wares, casting a shadow over me. "How about this nice suntan lotion?" My bad mood returned. "I don't want to always be alone, except for now."

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"No," she answered, flipping her hair. "It is YOU that I want." Then she proceeded to... Well, I won't go into details,but suffice to say that the gig was up (so to speak). My twin

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as using Lil Wayne's Samsung Galaxy S7. The workers in the Samsung Factory are forced to listen to his late-career albums on loop. I called my neighbor with my ethical Nokia N-Gage

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. The device makes a 'time bubble' around my body, dialing the time around me so I can live inside a 'bubble' of incredibly fast-moving time relative to everyone else. I can use it

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"And in return, the Dark Lord has asked me to kill you and use you as a sacrifice," my cat said. I was horrified, but I ran into the kitchen to get a knife. In my haste, I accid

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to go back home. I told him "Never". It was true. I loved the place. What I didn't realize was that I couldn't go home even if I wanted to. That was my mistake.

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I remembered what was happening today. He pulled out a knife and got closer. "Talk." "Tomatos, lettuce, salami and mayo." It's the big day, I was getting my first sandwich.

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Pshaw. Science should be suppressed in all its forms. The elemental table is too complex. Bring it back down to the basics: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Light travels too fast.

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I spent the next hour Googling Robert Higgs. Did you know he is a pigeon fancier? Did you know he is made up of particles named after him? That his fans are called Higg Huggers?