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I put 12 kids in her, didn't I? Now you want to stack that up, against me. 12 kids to 4 kisses. Those are good numbers. My mom only had 2 kisses to 17 kids. That is only the live o

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once was is sitting in an alternate universe, a non-linear time-scape of nincompoops. So Ted, " she said. "Nora is your best bet. If you go quickly, you just night sneak in under t

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When Jimmy realized that is what she was doing he smacked her hands away, threw out his tail feathers, and stuck him bum out. The press understood he was sticking his bum out at th

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The empty space didn't say anything. It remained empty. It never claimed that it didn't care if my status was lowered, and how, I should be be glad I was breaching my contract. I w

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that his main mission was to get that syrup, "That I paid with with my money!", onto his waffle. All the bloodshed that could have been spared had he only kept syrup & a full larde

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Each hell is its own hell. How it gets furnished is completely up to you. Pretty much the same deal you got up here in the sun. We know it isn't the same thing but it is what you u

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They like the monster but not the monster's lair. That is how the monster gets them. Nature was already working for him with his sauve good looks but when Science stepped in with

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I've heard it said that any dirt that can thrive in the conditions in my apartment is a dirt that needs a reckoning for something. Thus, my lady friend visits are few and far in be

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maw and squeezed through the door around him. Lurch struggled with the garlic kolbász that Hronek had stuffed in his face. Meanwhile, Hronek was already headed up the stairs toward

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I also plucked several harvest queens in the Amon Ra tent. All in all, my Carlisle trip was a success and yielded the supplies we needed to continue out investigations into the da