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gave Tim a succulent kinda glow that got me 'n Joe salivating. We never cooked nothin' like him before, so we googled "How to cook Tim" on a live forum.Minutes later, police sirens

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I told Lola that I wanted to move away from North Soho...maybe to America...possibly to Hollywood. In her dark brown voice, Lola, told me he'd follow me anywhere.

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My chicken and pickle juice in a crockpot experiment was a success. This meant my plan for world domination was happening; it was live. I would start to recruit using my soup and

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Well, I've never done this kind of thing b'fore. But a demon's a demon, and if it's inhabiting this robot, it'll be driven out I say. May the wicked spirits

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sixty seven? Doddard,its sixty four! But I'm sixty six already & don't call me a doddard toothless hag.Says the hairless liver wart collection! Your memory's like the Albert Hall

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He did his business in the forest, then resumed his work. The cats buried it, like usual. Humans were strange creatures, unable to use litter boxes.

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On the feast of Stephen. Bungalow Bill was a good Cook. His onion soup honoured his mum, The Onion Queen.

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there is a deep wish in our hearts. However as we are humans, we are all weak to greed and

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hi are you my senpai

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I think a lot about unimportant stuff, things I have no control over, things I cannot change. Also dumb stuff. Mostly dumb stuff.