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WE GLUED MEMES TO FIDGET SPINNERS? The kids won't be able to resist it!" People in the meeting room looked at each other contemplatively. Herby had a point.

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the whole chase scene on film. Wait till I show this to the directors at the Pterodactyl film academy. They're sure to admit me in now! the flying dinosaur flew home in delight

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Heavy rain soaks into my sorrow and dilutes it to reason Spine arching, this mystic dancer contorts into a sutra pose The sweeping curves of the vase on the sill A water droplet

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This microwave paradox is more commonly known as the grandfather paradox,and it is the reason that I don't have a grandfather anymore. It all started when I traveled back to 1942

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atomic bombs, which they used to cook even more loaves of bread at just the right levels of crispy crust. Alice was amazed that such little green men could work in such conditions

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I saw a youtube video of the storms of Jupiter once, I replied, it was mostly ads. I guess they have a lot of small business owners that like to set up shop in the 500+ mph winds

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-ting babies fishing for binkies on an ice rink from a soda business! The babies nodded and called out hearty ‘Aye!’s in agreement. If only we had an opium flavored soda... Wait..

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no one is ever meticulous enough to check the contents of a kitty litter bin for Christmas themed medication. My plan was fool proof, except for 1 thing, my cat poop eating gerbil

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seemingly incapable of harboring any sense of joy over his victories He only really played out of a wish to be admired by others, and a hope that, one day, he could admire himself.

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... Then he remembered those late night ghost texts where his smartphone revealed it always wanted to meet someone who read. A Literate ballon & his smartphone floated off the brid