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something about a tire iron hitting her head, so I'd at least die with THAT accounted for. In the end, Maria & I passed away with our arms linked & sharing a flask of Heaven Hill

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The Grateful Dead blasting on a modified Victrola Keven Blake opened his eyes. That was his second mistake of the day. A bright light, that turned out to be the missing door, was

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takes in his moves that time in Cabo and damn but his own butt looked so shapely and inviting. Darren thought about posting the clip on PornHub, but his FBI bosses might

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In this dying world of sand and steel, it's eat or be eaten. When a young wanderer finds a mysterious young girl with the power to revitalize the world, he's under fire from people

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back and forth as I tried to decide whether to tackle the tangled yarn or the rubics cube first. But try as I might to concentrate, all I could think about was -her-. I couldn't

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the boot of the car, narrating my actions as I did so, as was my habit. "Rubies and molars... into boot--" "What the hell is the Boot?" Mom asked. "Damn anglophile, TALK AMERICAN!"

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I raised a sceptical eyebrow."Are you sure that's the character you want to play as?" "Dude duh," Jesse said. "He's a cowboy with a hotdog box and an iPad playing Fox!" I sighed,

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your cowboy friends don't get to decide who is and who isn't a lesbian. Haven't you heard of Bisexuality? Look, I'll explain--" I never heard her explanation, as my horse suddenly

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200 Madagascan hedgehogs. “Folla a tu madre,” Tuco squawked, “How did this happen?” Boneyass, in his equine whinny whine way, confessed having had sex with a hedgehog named Monty.

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It had all been a ruse. "How did you like your red herrings?" "Revenge tastes better when it's cold," she said shaking off the wet towel he was trying to drape over her shoulders.