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these are not the first nor second you touched today. You need help, my friend. One moment." The lousy bot enfolded me in its iron embrace, & made me answer some intimate queries:

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camera had no film in it, but I needed it to store my photographic memories. "I'm not afraid to see untruths. Noone can stop me!" I raised the camera to focus on the biggest lie of

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. It was Timid Pitt who whimpered & siddled towards Capt. Fisks tender. But Fisk would have none of it grasping Pitt with his claw. "A Captain goes down with his stinkin' ship!"

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"Hiroshima mon amour has just died and its an irretrievable loss.", the neon sign spelled out overhead. I loved Hiroshima and remembered its stationery stores where I found my

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more of Queen's greatest hits!! Particularly the Bohemian Rhapsody....scalamoosh can you do the fandango was his favorite part. He rattled the knob on his I-Pod and

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, pedestalrastry, & plaigarism. "Can one desire too much of a good thing, I ask you?" Sir John protested. "For these offenses the magistrate will put you away for ever and a day."

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She gave him an up-and-down & tried "Je voudrais avoir vos lèvres comme un hour d'vour et le reste d'entre vous comme plat principal." The waiter replied "Je ne suis pas dans le

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there's a trail of felted socks &a pair of shrunken duck pants leading out the door.The perp couldn't have gone far without pants!" She pointed. Inspector Schmuck inspected a sock.

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played good scrap metal, as they liked to call it. Gertie didn't want to dump on Oscar & Willie or their band, but she had to study. "Find another place for practice, OK?"

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Thats 352 horseshoes or 1257 rubber honkers.The Jester's shoe soles flapped as he flipped the flippers racking up replays.Horace was feeling less brave as he pulled back the launch