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. My legs shuffled me over to the Solitare game table. I couldn't resist. There wasn't even a dealer. Finally a game I couldn't lose! I shifted a tile on the ex girlfriend picture

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considered adjusting the pictures on the shelf, but she knew her organiform limitations, so summoned her drones and their attendant spirits to place the pictures just so. A knock

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large Austrian named Olaf. Is this possible?" Madam Wong took a long look at the cheating woman.......................................................................then she blink

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"Cthulhu & The Kraken are on a curling team in Ontario..." but BlastedHeath could not finish the fold. The monsters looked at the nurse. It was LucieLucie and she was pinching the

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Willy Luong, Shirley Knotty & Bob Uppindown were summarily dismissed for gross misconduct involving condiments. Shock was etched on their faces as they left Camp Tittinganbang for

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exponentially. In conclusion, we can expect the globe to be encompassed by a black hole in under a day. I am open to suggestions. Did anyone call IT?

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stand holding the sports bra's as "base." Crap, the Canadians at RSC Toronto had just launched a surprise shadow tag game in the store. Damn, I was the only person repping America

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Does anyone know, I mean truly understand, how long the wait is for that sweet moment when you can execute the quintessential revenge?

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a goal on the ice. The monster was playing ice hockey with us. I was totally frightened, but I also didn't want my Canadian team to lose against the American team.

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The young King of the Desert Nation without a name made an unknown pact with a certain super power that will remain nameless. This anonymous bargain was for a particular substance