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"No, I'm just carrying it around the airport for fun," I once replied to a humorless TSA agent. "You need to check it or do a full-body search& rub down." Oh, a massage! Will you

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While in the employ of the circus, Alfons, and his duck-tumor "Malardnoma" met a woman with a beard where her eyebrows should be.

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ed to just let it be. Besides, Neil Tyson kept telling me that we are both stardust, and that made me feel beautiful. So I slept in his arms until I heard the roar of a Grizzly

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help with the coming aftermath. Then they introduced a TerrorMax 5000 to teach the young brats reading, writing and 'rithmatic the hard way. But the brazen idiots defied even this

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it's time to pay the piper. After enough late-stage ghasts had entered the mobile surgery's storage batteries, the attendant returned to prep him and his nose for the procedure, wh

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"How. How could I have been walking around with THAT for the past few years. " He walked over and took the seat far away from her. Soft elevator music played in the background.

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"N-not... really..." I mumbled, staring with disgust at my inflammable former friend. "So... What else can you do? I mean, I'm not really a big fan of setting people on fire..."

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lap the everloving snot out of her, just to make sure she remembered to bring me some of the stolen cupcakes. Each new trick she pulled, however, was just a little more devious...

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could show how obviously f****arded this animation decision was, but I cut my finger on the edge of the paper and... Well, long story short, I died. So, now I'm standing here

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Bone Cannon (Don't ask) into the fray. He wasn't really one for modesty at the best of times, but right now he was just letting everything loose, crushing the souls of every