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But he wasn't about to let it get hungry. However, after daily muffin feeding to the digestively troubled caterpillar above his eyes, no dramatic change emerged. Were the muffins

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with a terror only a sacrifical animal could have. The reality of death at the hands of insane people was nothing but outrageous horror.

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Mulch Apocalypse are you?" Dr.Wenkelstein motioned for his assistant to hit him on the back which he promptly did,dislodging a humusy mass of brown matter. "Hack hork. You imbecile

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his general joie de vivre and zest for life. First, he went about lowering then upping new Bob's office chair daily along with the habitual keyboard made of jello and TPing of his

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-knicks. It was rather strange. The original Knicks weren't sure how to feel about it at first, but as soon as they saw the team mascot, they went absolutely nuts.

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aren't cheap in the neighborhood in which you're looking, so you'd better shave and drop off those clothes at the Goodwill. That should keep your mortgage from getting out of hand.

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there's lots of giant cans of beer to drink and plenty of marsupials to carry that beer in their pockets for you. Skippy here was raised on Foster's lager. Wake up, mate, and show

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16 year old Swiss model. If you averted your gaze from his abundant amount of leg, he was quite beautiful. But Cpt. Lou wanted that Neptunian ore, and you can't make an omelet

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Took his poo covered manuscript to the blacksmith, Jedediah, and incinerated it in the fires that had forged Bilbo's infamous bling. Still not satisfied

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had already seen Temple of Doom 3 times, & fancied herself quite a high priestess. There I was, standing aghast with a huge hole in my chest. Luckily, Dr. Tinker had a spare heart