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...for the Banana Tarantula. It creeps through the darkness in the folds of banana peels, ready to pounce upon anyone who disturbs the slime. Then it will BITE! Watch out...

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If you knew Titch the gorilla, then you'd know that it was a bad idea for her to give him a knife.

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that there was more to life, even if she wouldn't admit it. Soon, Janis and Boom left Las Vegas and headed for

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It wasn't a real man it was just a game. Call of Duty to be precise. Mike topped the kills leaderboard for the month in his gaming clan. This month the prize was a Klondike bar.

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club battering. The vagrants dancing in the club pulled out their clubs and clubbed the living clubs out of me. It was until I saw the baby bear get clubbed when my freedom came,

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in their purses until they met and exchanged air kisses before handing Lowell to the other. this happened several times before he got tired of the shenanigans they begged him to..

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Only the avatar, master of all four universes can stop them, but when the galaxy needed him most, he vanished.

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For example: we are lousy at keeping secrets, but great at asking questions. Just now, I revealed what you intimated to me to your worst enemy, while inquiring about the weather.

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m no-one liked. The Star-Bellied Sneetches had had enough of the fuzzbumps stealing all of their stars, so they took up the issue with

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the Anglo-French war was fought with suicide fish and nuclear bombs.