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But Chance Bono was sad. Sad a lonely. Jurtok comforted chance with lies.

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is a plant, I get that. But that doesn't mean I need to have it crammed into every dish I eat! I was supposed to keep this to myself, but what the hell. I can speak lettuce.

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and continued barking,meaning I continued(unwillingly,mind you)slapping myself.Since Milly had swallowed the remote tomy metallic arm,if I got her to vomit,the slapping could cease

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Felipe flit so much that one day he got itchy.Red blisters erupted &he was moody & bitchy."Oh scheisse! Diseased am I!" Felipe admitted.His doc simply nodded; Felipe was committed.

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Lord Porcus hocked up a loogie. "Let me think." He cured my curiosity then and I didn't want to rub salt in his wounds. He smoked and thought of Virginia.

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The mobsters that usually come my way are the fat Italian kind. These mobsters were different. They were hipster mobsters.

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had given up chase. The pursuers had a crisis in confidence of their objective. All of a sudden it seemed pointless to chase. Maybe they didn't want what they were after.

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Terrance and Phillip were on the scene. Kyle pointed to his mor's dead body. Terrance head popped up. "Let's look for clues, Terrance." "or treasure, Phillip." "or treasure, yes!"

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I did have a right, to root for the Brazilian football team, but then Germany stepped in. Four years from now, things will be different, I guarantee it...(Mwhah,hahahahah)

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From 1984-1987 Danni was known as The Parrot in Psych Ward D of St Charleston Recovery Center. Now she worked the front desk at Oxford Savings & Loan. She'd just bleached her desk