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she decided it was time to find herself a man. She signed up for Tinder that very day, snapping what she deemed a hot selfie for her profile. After six hours of swiping yes for

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They henceforth came to the arduous decision to emigrate, for the current government situation within Russia proved a chaotic problem. A problem the parental tomatoes promised not

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beacame monsters. These particles turned once calm humans into ugly little menaces that fed off fear and hatred, and the flesh of humans they caught. Spreading like a zombie virus

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I'll shave some of your sole into this little tumbler,add a shot of my hip flask & shake not stir the concoction & give it to Mr.Bat wearing sonar proof earplugs who will see again

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the kitchen to retrieve a clean napkin. She folded it into an intricate swan shape upon which she angrily sat. "There." she said. "Flan. A flat swan. Now eat the broccoli, Rupert."

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the standards of the Flemish flan. For that, Julia possessed the beaters to forever fail to make the perfect flan. The noise was their wailing at failing their mistress. A sobbing

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Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsey. He loves how they make people cry." said Insp. Millaeu. At that moment he knew this conspiracy went all the way to the top. Even the top

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fur floating in it. "This is really nice, but this expedition isn't a foodie vacation. Mr. Monolith, don't you have any secrets to pass on to earth men?" asked Dave Bowman. "Well I

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kids, who's signature 'Hole Punch' and 'Collated Copy' attacks wreaked havoc on the trapper keepers. The manila and legal division of the folder army sent emissaries which

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town in new Orleans where the jalapenos are hot but the literal tourist trap all you can eat Cajun sauce is hotter than anyone pictured could be possible for a liquid outside of