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but it would probably be more like seeing things on too much acid. Nothing makes sense, nothing where it's supposed to be, but you're not sure, 2 year old..what do they know anywa

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his son had enough. He took him to a secluded mountain, tied him to a stake and burnt him, with an intricate fan system so the smoke wouldn't kill him first, let him off easy and

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I wondered why his last thought was of Merle Haggard, but it makes perfect sense really. I thought he'd gotten over his stalking phase, but apparently not, having stalked Merle

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But then my little voice knew everything. It even knew about.Marco. Even I'd tried to forget. Marco, the Costco, we will always have that case of 87 bottles of bug spray, oh Marco

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Those creature went bang piSpring chow and licked the scabs of his knees until his rectum exploded with an orgasm and he did a hug whit in your face

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A bag full of gold they were trying to smuggle

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now disembodied, being nothing more than instructions in proprietary software (Corporations : / ).The 'custodian' picked up a copy.It said "Create, Add, Read: the True story of how

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and some pate pronounced pahtay, and eat the whole thing, sometimes even forgetting my manners and

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loosen up and just add the bacon, it WILL be better this way, trust won't regret it, you can make it up tomorrow when you

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"Shh!" an elderly librarian interrupted him. "This is a library!" More members of the audience shushed at Gravir. He'd have to stage the Revolution for Library Data all by himself.