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As he knelt by the bed he heard something strange, a voice. It said "You will know and You will fear but you will never hear" He grabbed the morning star harder Ready for anything

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Come closer we panicked. What is going on i said, i don't know, but not suited for this gorilla combine said Harv. Than Queen Kong lunged at

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of night." The other bird heard the words, but she only sang in French: à chaque oiseau son nid est beau. Squawkers

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make waste of our collective bedsheets, rendering the world a minor fraction more of discomfort in the night as guilt pounded within on our heads. The Shamemaker beeped and booped

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to charge his communications unit. Unfortunately, the balloon popped and Bob was no longer able to exert his calming influence over the rest of the panicked astronauts.

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telepathist's head in 2. Erica smiled "See? Telepathy won't save them: I'm killing subconsciously while thinking of lunch. If you do that every day though…" "Erica, it's lunchtime!

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I am actually Charley Chatty, the captain's ventriloquist dummy. We will be getting into Las Vegas in a few short hours where you can see us perform at the Golden Nugget.

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After her modem funeral, she gloomily returned home and looked for something else to do to distract herself from the tragic death and tried to login on Foldingstory "Oh right...."

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laughed, awkwardly. The tension was palpable in the room. Bob played with the grenade image on his t-shirt. "Did you know," he said, "that what's on your shirt is a reflection of--

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cast a sandwich spell. He figured Death would be hungry, being a hooded skeleton and all, and it worked! Death incarnate was no longer a metaphor. He sliced the magic sandwich i