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the one where we used to keep the space brownies in college. "Thanks phở the mulah" he said in a strictly commercial way & knocked over the jockey in my front yard. The tin contain

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Reathlessly, the alewives were called to eat the larvae of the hopping scorpionfish roses. "How soon can they get here from Chicago?', Mme. Dupont asked Rahm Emanuel.

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The shop where the dogs went for fresh baked treats, shaped like cubed steaks?" George said, "Why don't we go to the shop that sells

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And hadn't brought paper towels with them. The board meeting was brought to an end, the firm members wet with yoke and bristling with indignation. "We never requested a bullseye!"

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further and further up until they stuck there. Then Tusken asked "Are you Australian tourist?"

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Just like in sci fi, the panic button was dead centre and was too easily pushed by accident.

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The a train instead of the b train and ended up

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And eating puffed rice instead.

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"Ti od ot tnaw uoy?" he spoke erotically, ignoring the people around him walking backwards and throwing them strange looks. "Erus," she replied, her dress whirling as he was pulled

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To fast forward past the newspaper kiosk.