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at the thoughts ... all except for one. Who on earth likes those candy bars loaded with peanuts and sticky caramel anyway? The Thought Police were nuts but

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shrimp mulch isn't all its cracked up to be. Worse, I had a crustacean allergy &my head swelled up. I has delivered to the Doctor Octopuses emergency ward with flecks of shrimptail

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with homeless Wasp People. It was something they did. Together. That's why their insecta marriage was so strong. Spider-Woman ate joyfully, looking at Spider-Man, when suddenly

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amazing! It was so perfect. Not one hair follicle was out of place. The only way it could get so straight is if someone took a level, some pliers, a tape measure, and painstakin

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Trapped in the kaboomless void, the monkey didn't know who, what, when, why, or how he was. All he knew was that there were no bananas. Maybe he could escape if

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to the point where the story reaches my tippiest of toes. Though I keep folding and marking down the fold number. I think when I get to seventy I'll stop. Yes, only seventy.

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.."Oops" said Jim, plugging in his headphones. Damn! Now I couldn't hear what the mission was going to be. I would find out soon enough though. When Jim came back in

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Still, I persisted. "Stop giggling at FoldingStory, you numbskulls!" I frowned as hard as I could, hoping my bad mood would rub off on my shipmates. Another snicker from the back

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Just then, his cell phone rings. "Hello?" He frowns as an automated voice on the other end tells him all about President Obama meeting with Cuba's leader. So much for missing the

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I attempted to call the Homeland Security Rangers, but I made the mistake of abbreviating them to "HSR", then accidentally called instead. That didn't help much.