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had happened to the sharp knives attached to the balloons and they were all soft. "This is ridiculous!" one of them eventually complained. "Let's go get a burger instead." This was

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"Old Dan the Man with his spanky hands!" Dan said to himself as he put his hands on his hips and danced around in a circle. He then threw back his head and laughed hysterically

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tighty-whities on the outside of their fireproof uniforms. It was part of the fireman culture and very traditional. Each man or woman displayed his or her best "skid mark" while on

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calibrate her wrist-razors. Full of rage and self righteousness, she pulled both pistols from their gleaming black holsters and unloaded them into air, screaming, "I will kill ever

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but it would probably be more like seeing things on too much acid. Nothing makes sense, nothing where it's supposed to be, but you're not sure, 2 year old..what do they know anywa

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I wondered why his last thought was of Merle Haggard, but it makes perfect sense really. I thought he'd gotten over his stalking phase, but apparently not, having stalked Merle

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But then my little voice knew everything. It even knew about.Marco. Even I'd tried to forget. Marco, the Costco, we will always have that case of 87 bottles of bug spray, oh Marco

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Those creature went bang piSpring chow and licked the scabs of his knees until his rectum exploded with an orgasm and he did a hug whit in your face

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A bag full of gold they were trying to smuggle

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now disembodied, being nothing more than instructions in proprietary software (Corporations : / ).The 'custodian' picked up a copy.It said "Create, Add, Read: the True story of how