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<lit fuse emoji>. Since Ms. Andry was ignoring him and texting, Gus would <Warriors beating Cavs emoji> her at her own <text emoji> game by being the <crown emoji> of all <cell pho

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"First I select the ultimate buttercup, yellow ones are usually preferable. Then I.." Suddenly various bright objects shot across the sky. The alien invasion was here. "AAAaaahhHHH

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She turned around, detached the nozzle. and flicked on the ignitor just as her pursuer rounded the bend. Evil Stay Puff ran into a wall of flame and

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That is all well and good mister... Odin is it? But in order to board this plane to Salt Lake all jagged braid- hooks must be stored in the overhead bins. Now don't get testy

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noll. Yes, despite a steady diet of meatballs, the ball was just not rolling the Swedish lasses way. It did the samba & it was now 4 to noll. Jessy Langstrop ate a surströmming

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that he was going to take a break from the campaign trail for a while, perhaps forever. His assistant, puzzled, distressed and just the right amount of crazy, slapped the senator

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appropriate for an ad which is cearly designed to appeal to children and/or meth addicts. "I'm up all night to get lucky!" My four year old sang happily at the top of her lungs.

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button on that popular science fiction fansite. You know the one. And here he was, an oscillating, two-bladed fan. "Well, that blows," he remarked. The laugh track did not disappoi

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distraught when I told him the news as he had cancelled all arbeit preperations for the day. "Doof!" he screamed and I was sacked. I decided to leave Munich and travel home again.

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The Devil smiled: "Oh, but I have. You are the most powerful man, Mr.Jobs." Steve was getting angry: "It isn't about power, I was supposed to be the richest, you owe me my soul..."