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that Marie, unbeknownst to her Victorian parents, had been sleeping with the Rat King until she met the Nutcracker. That's what the battle in Act I was really about. Marie was a

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Banded Bedsnakes," said Don's irate band mate. Don pressed, "OK. What about Banded Bayonets as a band name?" However Don realized that such innuendo wasn't going to fly when

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hipsters. No hipsters didn't love "their" music. They despised their music. The displaced their hatred on their music onto people who'd never heard of their band.

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Or so gods are my witnesses I will make sure that for the rest of your miserable life you scream at the sight of any brassica-related vegetable." Gods, she hated kids. The brat who

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She rubbed her temples and counted the days till retirement. In the back, Tim dragged slowly on the joint and passed it to Matt, who had his eyes glued to the TV screen with atoms

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And that's why I, the punctilious zombie was about to make history.

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plify my vision with steroid injections created by rogue, black market chemists. Strawberry quick. That's what they call it. The giant baby stood up and said in a manly voice, "

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giving a glass of lemonade to every single person in the world

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complain about. Mrs. Peregrine turned and flew to the ground. She let out a single gurgle: "run". I understood, pacing three steps back before pelting it down the alleyway.

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and the royal shuffleboard court turn to gray and smoldering cinders. The antihistamines had failed. The Dragon De La Paloma sought the village witch, who lived in Far Emberwood, n