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then the floor started pushing up. "My God," she cried blasphemously, for she had not one iota of God in her heart. The floor were all trap doors, every inch of it, pushing up.

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perhaps build a concave satellite dish with enough reflective power to signal to them." Heinrich sighed with exasperation. "You just don't understand. That's why

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into a mouse. Evil kitty was not so small any more! Ms. Wong laughed her evil laugh and left him to fend for himself. Hong Luong scampered into the nearest crack in the wall. It

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Xibalbá' depths. The henchman was Xiquiripat a lesser demon . His buddies Ahalpuh and Chamiabac chuckled. Spelunking tourists were such easy game. The caves were crowded with

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It was long and slender, and she had a cute freckle on her knuckle. Ms Chapman made a scrunchy face as she waved it enthusiastically at the officer in the rear view mirror. The cop

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parents, who shut him down whenever he attempted to ask about his mysterious past. Until he found the pictures in the attic, of the people that could be his real parents. Frowning

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worms, so the owl whistled across the prairie to Uncle Howdy & Aunt Anthy who swooped in from Gophertown. They'd know how to flush a fox out of his hole. Farmer Ham, watched as

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I'm not talking about crotch grabbing attention seekers like Miley or Madonna. I'm talking about an into Bleach, Jett powered, window-busting Quatro bass banshee. "Get real, Rod!

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Eminem. "This isn't good," thought Milligan, "Eminem isn't known for his particular taste in jazz." Milligan peered around nervously for any flaming dogs, and sighed, he pulled out

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And behold! Carrots did elude fabled Gravy. Hurting inside Jelly Kingdom melancholic Nate puffed quite sick throatal up-vomits. Wanting X-rays zealously