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But Lee Fletcher was busy texting his girlfriend Ambrosia Squidolina & failed to relay Real Admiral Bucky "Balls" Fularines command. The Naiads & Dryads ship-hiecking went awry

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. Costly it was. The bulldozer rental was fifty bucks an hr & I'd only managed to run over a street sign & a hedgerow but the old mans house still stood. He sat on the porch puffin

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But then the food said, "I'm alive, and I'm your father. The child hesitated. "No!" "Search your feelings, you know it's true." said the dying man. "It's not true", said the mother

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arm movement, should I do that?". George was enraged. He charged at Smith intending to beat up the child. But Smith's arm movement was unlimited. Smith reached forth and slapped

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and she hurled one at the knucklehead who shot the spitball. Technically it was a "water condom", not balloon, and a used one at that. The substitute teacher giggled as wet spooge

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Roll for initiative. (Shake, shake.) We paused as the game master looked for critical hit tables for the LYTHIAN DRAKON. "OK, Agreius made a save against Bigby's Hammered grasp."

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exacting exact revenge on the Revenant. Urhuum aged slowly, and though the years were unkind to Tigma & Fugg, her hairspikes never grew brittle. On that Feastday of Rharkuum, she

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It was empty. Until a newspaper swept across it. It was lonely, itself with its bad news curling over the wind. Then a dog with ribs showing crossed. Down the street, baby, down

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said AndrewB73's mama. At the end of a long night, which was really morning three days after the spoken fact, AndrewB73's mama was thoroughly taken.

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then the floor started pushing up. "My God," she cried blasphemously, for she had not one iota of God in her heart. The floor were all trap doors, every inch of it, pushing up.