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Henderson bought the cable network and, after moving headquarters to Poland, sold it to Donald Trump. His first decision was to

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food & water or even human interaction." Tiny Bobby crawled on his desiccated limbs back into his cold cramped hole. "What'd she say" hissed his ratlike sister through the grating.

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an enraged behaviour of Tom Cruise, who stoke Seal. Seal defeated him and then

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to the frontman of KISS. Flumsy decided to replace him on the band. They fought each other in a Dragonball style, who ended with Fumsy victory, who became the KISS frontman.

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I'm so hammered that I want to eat a hamburger off the floor! Just kidding." She punched David's shoulder. I thought to myself, this is no way to get me to like you lady. But I wa

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eing an idiot. Ed called his friends Double D and Eddy. They swore revenge on the sginal, so they united to Bruce Jenner, who replaced the signal for Persian Bubblegum.

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Or should I say welcome to the jungle? In a serial killer's mind there are multitudes of tigers, tigers, burning bright. Everything in here is symmetrical, evil and deadly.

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the states had a motto and she couldn't learn them all before Grandma arrived with her pork cookies. Ann shouted at Greg, "Hey, what if we download the state mottoes and then

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He swung the heavy axe and missed. "Don't quit your day-job," said his younger sister, Vera. The golden egg-laying goose scampered away from Will and the chopping block.

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From 1984-1987 Danni was known as The Parrot in Psych Ward D of St Charleston Recovery Center. Now she worked the front desk at Oxford Savings & Loan. She'd just bleached her desk