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The ceiling has told me that where they go is to brush the teeth they use to eat the cereal I hold within my bowl-y person. Here, apparently the tooth brush wonders where they go a

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I began chattering and had an irresistible urge to burrow. My marmot button was just two degrees northwest of my lemur level. Good thing my captors didn't take it that far.

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the asbestos king, Luigi Kaposi. The asbestos lobbyists coughed good-naturedly as the set up their family photos on their asbestos desks and sat down in their asbestos chairs.

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ing with certain death in the view of Duchess Montague. The Duchess was raised into polite society and limits her movements to only a few local respectable families. A carriage

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gingersnap cookies, believe it or not! It's sure to keep my brother from eating them all up. He dislikes puzzles & cinnamon ever since taking on that online food challenge.

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y stood at the far edge but then a great white lept onto the deck & body surfed to the foredeck & took out the captains good leg. "Not so bad now are you?" the plankstanders jeered

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immediately recognised this as a fourth wall breaking story fold, concocted by a friend, but what did that mean for him ? Was he real, or a part of this story. Could he change it ?

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It was an accident waiting to happen at the Accident Prone Youth Club and all it took was one child tripping over a chair leg and the piles of drugs were thrown up into the air

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Then again "Some People" say a lot of things but thankfully the lawyers quickly applied for an injunction to stop "Some People" from making false and misleading statements.

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My kleptomania in respect of people depicted in billboard signs started when I first got given a life size cardboard cut-out of Mickey Rooney tapdancing from my drama school teac