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"Are you my long-lost Irabian cousin possibly?" the Cultist translated, realising that the Elder God must have been scammed by the Cultist's coworker. "I am not, I'm afraid," he

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but not the higher truths of the Dharma. When March spoke of finding solace in the three jewels, May giggled and descended one level of existence, into

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It wasn't a real man it was just a game. Call of Duty to be precise. Mike topped the kills leaderboard for the month in his gaming clan. This month the prize was a Klondike bar.

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...for the Banana Tarantula. It creeps through the darkness in the folds of banana peels, ready to pounce upon anyone who disturbs the slime. Then it will BITE! Watch out...

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Luckily, that was exactly what the Blunderbirds had intended and they activated Blunderbird 2's submarine thrusters. While making their way along the papier-mâché sea bed, they saw

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said the trapezoid to the circle. Said the circle to the trapezoid, "Yeah, well I get around...ON YOUR MOM!"

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another level (the second floor) I think she's right. Mostly because of the dead body we found. So, not only are we running away screaming, but she's going to be all "told you so"

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this made on Endor crap. He remembered the good old days when products for the people of Tatooine were made by and for the GAWDAM PEOPLE OF TOOINE! He flipped on the trashy race,

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of his stomach. He still resented the part, but he dealt with it until his agent could get him a suitable position somewhere else, preferably where he could use the slogan,

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Sesotho: Hae feela polelo hangata fella ka ho se utloisisane. Lekhetlo le leng ha a ne a le Africa o ile a re "Ke 'na female, ka kōpo ntlafatsa' na!"