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At 4, Sezu was taken from an orphanage by a mysterious man to an underground facility. Trained in martial arts for 12 years to become a perfect assassin, she is now known as… Nomi.

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"But I'm starving!" cried Alice Bowie, "I only ate a little bit! And we haven't any guests to give the yellow snow!" And they would not see any guests for years, still Alice would

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I remember years ago, when this spot was what was left of Diddy's Retreat, I used to come out here after work and park over there by the glorified puddle they called a pond. At 2AM

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The rough waters avoided him like a plague. So did the shadows, the cold spots, and the bumps in the night. He didn't give it much thought. It creeped me out and I am his brother.

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Right now I am hearing their dreams. I don't know how... I guess it is like a podcast but not really. Way beyond VR. Anyway, this guy, he's from Ohio but dreaming about Berlin in

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The sky princess reneged on the deal and walked off with our samples because Quito's idiot cousin, Tonto, left it on the hood of her car & went across the street for a wet burrito.

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I saw the racetrack in my mind. The agoraphobic chick was sneaking up behind the Mindwrestler who was already fending off the Jenkin Triplets and their mind whips. Slowpoke was dig

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decided to spray the whole team with silly string" the coach yelled back. "It was funny you have to admit" Devon said as he continued to run along the tracks, "But I wasn't the one

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"No," she answered, flipping her hair. "It is YOU that I want." Then she proceeded to... Well, I won't go into details,but suffice to say that the gig was up (so to speak). My twin

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I remembered what was happening today. He pulled out a knife and got closer. "Talk." "Tomatos, lettuce, salami and mayo." It's the big day, I was getting my first sandwich.