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"Who's there?" asked Bubble the SeaWing(Dragon). Nothing replied. "Hello?" he asked again. Still no answer. Bubble sat with a sigh, knowing that one day, someone would find him.

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Im a freshmen in college who's introverted and I'm curious on how to talk to girls. Like it's easy to talk to the boys but not girls. It doesn't make sense. Let me look online and

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The day was gloomy and grey. They could feel the cold even in the nicely heated cabin. But this place was no longer the same and they all knew that. Last year changed everything.

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But when miracles happen, you go with it and you don't run the wrong direction. You hold on as if you are holding your baby. You hold on as if you are carrying top secret CIA brief

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The girl ran to the landline, exasperated. She dialed 911 with shaky hands. She stood there, heart racing, eyes frantically searching the room for a threat.

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Professor Loomis was visiting hir alma mater, The University of Pluto. A forgotten dorm charge had reared it's ugly head. With inflation, he now found hirself on the hook for more

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"My, your suite is red," I told him as I glowered around the exact replica of my suite. "Yes, I came up with the color scheme myself," he smugly answered. "Oh really," I sneered,

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one that looked musty and gross. They walked in and there was a dead body but they could not tell if it was real or not. Johnny was freaking out so he went to find other people....

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Meanwhile, deep in the forest, the monster buck was being told that little john was coming for him. "Why would he be coming after me," the monster buck asked. "I've done him no

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not get out anymore while there was some creepy creature walking towards them. the creature was tall, wearing black clothes and wearing a mask. he was silent and would not say..