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People on this site have no memory. I'll mention a character at the start of a story and by the third or fourth person who's added, they'll be gone. Are we all goldfish here?

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valley of death. The aerial view allowed us to inspect lord Cardigan's light cavalry, seeming to prepare for a charge. "Man, I am never drinking Shamn goop again!" I exclaimed.

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After they fixed the hitch arm they went back out to finish the southern field by the river. David had to have it finished by sunrise or the bonus would be taken off the table. The

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some days, my grammer just kinda gives out: today it did. i was just talking when suddenly my grammer got really weird and i could'nt talk right..... i can still spell though......

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My name is Betrand and I collect missing puzzle pieces. I pay top penny. But only if I have too. Usually, people let me have them. "If you can find it, it is yours." I can usually

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Our own countermeasures were working against us now. We thought we had worked out the perfect solution. Of course, part of that solution had been giving the machine some sentience.

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Gonzo, the company's last medic. Then he jabbed himself with the weaponized anthrax and jumped out of the plane. We didn't expect he'd deploy his parachute. He didn't. Symptoms now

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towards us. "Why do you think our neighbors are against us this time," I asked my wife. "I don't thing they're actually against us yet. I don't see any shotguns. The virus will do

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Say what one might against Dr. Oculus, I appreciate that he does his experiments on us in his charming and well-kept solarium. My crewmates do not share my optimism or gratitude, f

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fondled fondly by Father Forrest Figueroa for a fortnight in Flanders. Finn Foster didn't let his ordeal stop him from Fighting Foos. The Daily Guppy gave the whole story in full.