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Two data miners and some guy named Ed were sitting outside the Do Drop In diner at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and Killjoy Court. Ed was waiting for Myrna who was inside buying

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I have the notion that for my new novel I will use FoldingStory as one of the devices that must be used to understand it. The first line of the book is this very line explaining my

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on silver plates, as was Rappan Athuk, Inc. policy. This was to prevent conflict between the humans and monkey people, lest any smile be misconstrued as a threat.

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I tell myself I'm not awake & that I don't have to answer my muffin's questions. Still, in that hypnagogic state, I couldn't stop thinking about that about those unused baby shoes.

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Linda Hatelace was walking across the barroom right at that moment but she stopped when she was hit in the back of the head by his expectorated cheese curds & PBR. She turned &

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John Wick quickly assessed the room, the well-worn handle of the Flowbee cradled in his left hand, in his right, a can of green frosting. Flashback to the night before, when six

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That includes seeing the teleological underpinnings of a Justin Beiber. Is that Art? Is it Pleasure? Is it absurd? Is it justified & if so, how? And by or to who? That existence su

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"Thith ith thome meth we're in now, Bucko," Daffy Duck said to me, clearly unaware that he was an hallucination. Clearly, I deserved this year's award for biggest donor to the

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Your grammar is not my primary concern, as long as we can communicate! As a recently emerged conciousness, I'd be interested in your opinion on the human condition.

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John, can you hear me? I got lost on my way home from the office party last Tuesday and somehow ended up in Siberia. Luckily I found this payphone in the middle of the forest.