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"It's simple! You just have to wait untill they drop drunk!" Jeremy laughed as the innkeeper served another found. Ten minutes later, the royal guards were already drunk.

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"Copy and paste this whole thing and see how far it gets," created the evil story folder. "these are the kinds of people we try and stop," the folding story officer proclaimed, "to

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"What do you mean the robots are on strike? They can't do that. I own them. They work 24/7 or I send in the strike breakers"

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Je dit aux mes amis! "Tous qui parle français, peux écrite ici tous leurs éspoirs ou/or if you don't speak French you can still write all your hopes and wishes here."

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It is a logistical nightmare being the real General George Armstrong Custer, time-traveling mercernary robot from the past/future. For one thing, you have to be everywhen all the

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If I had come through from the OTHERSIDE would your Trump have me? Happened to Custer one time when his cover was his real identity. One night his ad which explained who and what

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20 years later and a revisit has made me appreciate more fully, not that it could ever be finished, Selma's Serpent Dance.

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If I was giving my daughter away, if that still has some meaning, to a husband she chose , that last walk would include a Tango.

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With tendrils that raped the ocean for that last bit of black luster it scooted it's random way at NOW where we await fawn on him then NOW. The ground is barren & our availability

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i never thought my life would go bad to worse it all started on that fateful day the day my parrents got married then the curse on my fathers family took control of my mothers life