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?" "Well, you see it's just not quite corporeal enough. I can grab it," Ringo demonstrated, "But when I try to put it on--" The hat fell through Ringo's body. The dead cashier nodd

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Craving their very own, very special snacks to go with drinks, they enrolled in a butcher school. Chicken were slaughtered, as were pigs, fish, and horses--by their very own hands.

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t in us had gone...washed away like so many Listerine dreams and marmalade skies. "Toast points." A voice intoned. "What?" Another voice was heard. "You meant marmalade and toast p

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ked that they'd have to come up with an entire ad campaign to promote themselves as the sexiest of vegetables. Of course, they had to spin the whole "crying" thing into a positive

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the cellar walls for further hallucinations. Finding none, I prepared the concrete mixture and dropped the body into the hole as the back wall undulated in the corner of my eye.

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out and beat his chest proudly, only to sputter and eventually spew up a large piece of wildebeast. "Ooops. My bad." Now, Food Lion is not to be confused with Cocktail Caribou.

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was the word. At least, that's what they agreed to when the Exec Producers had their heads turned. But at night, the claws came out, the whiskers simulcast in unison and it was tim

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"Ape, Rick ought to be here," snapped the younger woman. "No need to get nasty," replied Pit the elderly lady, "He's prolly out raisin' cane, like always." "You old prune!" spat

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"I know what you mean and I am not in the habit of showing my gooey insides to just anybody, ponyboy", said Juliyah just before her blade showed her ponyboy's gooey insides instead

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it sounded like the drive belt was slipping. "When last time you change faja, ahhh, belt, yes, belt. When last time you change drive belt", asked Mde. Lorraine, the medium. "Don't