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" Methane Clathrate? Why does that sound like I forgot your name in Chemistry class because we didn't have any chemistry?" Producer Shaw's jaw dropped. He didn't know this Larry.

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Sasquatch opened the dumpster lid. "You talkin' to me, Slim? I smell blueberry muffins here, or children who have eaten them!" Slim's sister Thick stood up. "These are my children,

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en. But speaking of ipecac, my trained crow brought me a VHS tape of some randomly recorded episodes of Taxi. Closer inspection revealed a rare pre-internet YouTube Poop, focusing

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Steve, for it was the dingo's nickname. Stella rolled her eyes at Steve, who was about as helpful as a horse in back of a carriage. T'was not the last time she would kiss her grits

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Was technically made from orange peel. Something about them orange girls was very aPEELing. They decided to hold a contest to see who could woo her. Polly and Jims first task was

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him but it would always be left on read. He couldn't even sell his soul to the devil because he is too detached from his ghost. He ended up hiring a reverse exorcist to contact it.

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where gators smoke cigars and possums don't wear pants. Political satire shoved down your face hole like a Surge-flavored Mtn. Dew. Poli-scis think they're the alpha and omega.

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erwise joyfully stoned patrons were gagging & suffocating on their own cannananas vomit, which was not at all good for business. So, Jeremy moved away from banana-flavored hybrids

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ber and Dr. Gomer reminisced about the days when everybody’s fridge-freezer came with a full water bottle and boxes of chocolate Turkish taffy and chocolate-covered bananas. Mrs.

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shit hit the fan, or was it when the smoke cleared? No matter. She wasn’t heiress to the Whitney fortune; hell, she wasn’t even a Whitney, and her Havana gigolos gave her the clap.