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wasn't a good guy, but what Lemmy lacked in moral fiber he made up for in gab. In 1945, my request for him to be my spiritual mentor was fobbed off. He knew how to turn me down.

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they said, "Your Mom's been found dead." "Oh God," he cried, "She always said that she'd drop dead if I watched 'Married at First Sight'! What have I done?" The police officers

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on a new meaning then. They were symbols, some said, of her everlasting effervescence, her zest for flowers, poetry, and Kahil Gibran. Mary's pom-poms were bronzed & placed in the

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might I INQUIRE...he whispered to Ralph about Beth-Anne's ponytail. "double weft?"-" "Yes" "OK, but is it Remy?" "Of course" "But! I challenge you - is it hand or-" "Hand"

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muck and mire like hell-fiends, stopping for nobody or nothing. When looking back at their father, a mangy old mutt, forever frozen under the tree, they woof'd in unison to

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the Artifice of Litany " and thy shant desire less than More!" So it was back in the hatchback for more causeway interplay.

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sole culinary fashion trend of Neolithic dietary cuisine, a fact which caveman comedian Bunga never forgot to mention anytime he stole the show onstage. "PINK SLIME," Bunga shouted

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One TCM host once remarked that if Alfred Hitchcorgi was directing, he would've thrown hordes of bumblebees at the star, Sadie. Still, the movie got two dewclaws up from Sisakita &

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Adam Levine looked down at the duck…who reminded him of Jonah Hill, only a feather—or two—slenderer…and asked, “Say there little ducky…can you sing the five little duck song?

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observed them hop upon the peace train, riding the tails of the moon’s shadow, and as I stood there smiling, I could Teaser singing, “Longer boats are coming to wn us. Hold on to