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Relief comes only at night, when he fells asleep and his mind slips out of his body, the result of Mahayana meditation that he has practiced for 50 years. In the spirit form, he

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Republicant built that catamaran & was doing great going around the world on it until he ran into a hurricane named Backwards Beltched Alphabet 2: The Seagull. Butters lost it all.

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at the Improv if you have a chimp wearing a star-spangled unitard and a green fright wig. Everybody loves that. Are you writing this down? Because I want a percentage when you

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, the fish who had grown five lips since the nuclear disaster, joined Mr. Limpet and his little band of piscean mutants at Baja. Fukushima was glad to have company after his ordeal

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through a window and found herself outside the maze, outside the lab, and cheese-less. Being a simple mouse, Minhnie wondered if she should crawl back in, but the building was too

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Galloping gentries gave Royal goose and grog to Glogg's gang. Glogg great grandson Gregg dared to down his drink in one giant gulp. "Golly, the grub is good around here."

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breakfast of the werewolves sat on the kitchen table, growing cold. Mama Werewolf sighed and finally scraped it into the trash. All of her good cooking had gone to waste. Those boy

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Their polluted droplets fell in torrents, as though the clouds themselves cried at their exile. "No more will our rain be looked down on!" you cry, above the crashing thunder.

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"I haven't seen the deed to my house since we paid it off over thirty years ago," said Mrs. Twinkie, her voice quavering with distrust. Professor Ziti's minions spat on her door

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-ble slab over the spider's gave disappeared as it was revealed that Miss Myffete had made a pact with the Devil to have the spider killed. So was it she that was the murderer, or