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served as no deterrent. "Jag vet att du i hemlighet älskar lutefisk!" The gig was up. Fran had turned states evidence against his longtime companions and served them u to the Nobe

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into thinking we aren’t equal. However, folks who believe THAT ignore basic chemistry: 1 carbon atom and 2 of hydrogen combine to make methane, or fart gas. Equal THAT! I had to ad

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coming. "I fail to see why you led us to the bawdy house area, R2," whined C-3PO:"Huh? To get WHAT stick out of my ass? Oh my, that she-bot DOES stir my oils. You need to leave, R2

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A 50% tip is admired. A 60% tip guarantees you a customer-of-the-week hallmark card. With your generous tip, the going concern letter on our restaurant's front door means nothing.

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They hopped to it. Trying to be helpful. They were loading vats of ectoplasm on the skid when Dork #1 started having 2nd thoughts about covering her in this ectoplasm. Unchaste was

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mavens worldwide, who had a running wager as to his secret ingredient. If asked, Bob'd smile modestly & say: "A man has his duty!" It was only when his curry was linked to cases of

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she new the onion would be invaluable, as it was not a native crop, and she could just give up her own spoiled children. "Oh yeah,"Marta stated "It's all coming together" So Marta

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of Dawson’s Creek. Innovative Kama sutra. Katie Holmes’ pubic flash of usefulness, pounding her femininity from side-to-side, spitting sparks of freedom on his emaciating manhood.

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rope in time to Sylvester Stallone who was training hard for his upcoming bout with Clubber. When I felt my leg muscles had grown enough, I turned to face the nuke wielding aliens.

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Dirty Little Slots. After her nightly porridge, her urge for Russian sausages began acting up. She climbed the convent wall but her habit caught on a nail & there was a ripping sou