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ened up and a vinyl disc started playing workout 80's music. Trebeck moved with the groove and dodged the lasers stylishly. He aimed his faster-blaster at the laser guns and

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chided them for their lack of manners. They might be frankenninja spiders and in her cupboards but she will not abide that salty talk. She pulled the door open and opened fire. Her

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the other. He reached behind himself attempting to open the flue further. The flue was flawed and followed Fatima Falala's dictum: Fleas fly, flies flee. Their Mum was besides hers

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files washed up on his skin & made it quite evident that he liked using .bat files. It became dangerously TMI when world_destruction.exe.bak appeared on his forehead like a tattoo.

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Republicant built that catamaran & was doing great going around the world on it until he ran into a hurricane named Backwards Beltched Alphabet 2: The Seagull. Butters lost it all.

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was loud agreement and much harumph-ing. The elders of the Boyardee clan immediately moved to have the Chef removed from his post and replaced by his 4th secret son, the mysterious

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going on. Finally, he decided to finish the story with ;) but when he tried to fold, the page reset. His mind was sick of it now. He wanted to

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catch all his zany adventures in the upcoming comedy "The Freaky Ghost in the Window Who is Waiting to Kill You!" In episode one, you walk up to the window and open it. The laughs

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Tempura and Jambalaya were looking hot, singing backups as the lead singer of the Shrimp Scampi, Blind Lemon Shrimp, groped for the microphone and began to sing.

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the police on his ass. he so the five-o and started running he tossed the burner and the 8 ball he had. the dogs caught his ass as he tryed to wrestle them off killin one of them