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would say if he meant “Raise ‘em, they got nothing.” “Rawk” meant “Fold” and 3rd Huffy whistling meant “Call.” His rapid flapping of wings on Bykuspid’s shoulder was the signal for

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remarkable powers of sexual attraction." I stared at Eugene, feeling somewhat revolted. He waggled his eyebrows at me and I turned away. I'd had enough of Eugene's crap for today.

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But if he doesn’t steal clown suits and pies, it could mean the end to his career and some other unfortunate runaway to a carnival would have to suffer this sad fate.

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“Don’t try to change the subject with an Abbott & Costello routine! The subject is reefer. Stay on topic. I'm asking what’s the reefer the dog is smoking?” “No, What’s on second."

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In order to sue God, the servant reckoned she would have to find Jesus first. Everyone she knew had mentioned finding that bloke, it couldn't be THAT hard to spot him.

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minutes, which was as long as the American public could remember any dead celebrity. But Allen Sherman's posthumous musical "Hello Muddah, From Hell!" was a surprising success.

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wildlife sanctuary in the birdmobile. The egrets greeted us as heroes. All was going gangbusters until a Cook County Brownshirt appeared & commented, “Nice car!” “Get him!” yelled

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. Buckets the Clown set the 4-cheese pizza before the wolves. They sniffed it and turned up their noses. “But you LIKED the pepperoni one!” said Buckets, shocked. “That’s because w

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buy a used Human Cannonball cannon from a circus auction because that smelled like fun. They loaded the muzzle with gunpowder, using the huge ramrod that came with it to tamp it do

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Including the surprise hit, PAY UP FOR YOUR BUS PILE UP. It topped the Governor Chart on Billboard as #1 for a record 13 weeks. It was replaced by Chris Christie's, BEACH HOLDINGS.