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quintet. He could play all 5 ocarinas himself with 5 of his rectums & still had 1 rectum left to be the MC. Thing was, Poppers still had just 2 hands, which made fingering the oca

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did get around to that game of water polo Marco had promised Marcia. Marco did go to China & brought back noodles. Marcia only tipped him a peek at her ankle. Marco says Mongolian

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piss on Agent Orange’s tomb. Every man, woman, and child will drop shorts, shank it out or squat, rattle every stinky drop of urine onto the sacred ground of the scum of the Earth.

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the touring bus when the other members of Blue Floyd wouldn’t let Joe Dirt on the bus, shouting, “Joe Dirt, you ain’t a member of the band; you’re a lousy kazoo player and your dog

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been stuck there, my wife Leah was able to then apply medicine to my damaged lips so they healed from that icy pole, luckily we had quite the supply of fireplace fuel that winter.

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5 playing in the background. Joe remembered Sarge had offered him VO5 tickets the day before. Joe keyed the mike. "Would you like to go to a concert after the genocide," he asked.

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Thunder and his brother Monkey set out on the catwalk their humans set up. They could look down and watch everything. Hunter was cleaning fish and they smelled it! Aha!

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The hordes of women that would flock from lands afar just to breathe in the air in the House my junk hair built. Perhaps we could just leave out pans to catch the sulphuric rain?

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and antelope. The first polar bear had chosen to punt first in Local Galactic History. He got his first jack by edging towards snake eyes but ending up in boxcars. Sleeping it the

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Everyone looked around, confused. Hadn't he heard the truth? Tina from Telemetry asked him point blank. "Did you know that Stanley Spermass allowed foreign sperm to piggyback his