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sense of time. Leaving 7-11 in the freezing rain I saw the woman from earlier that week. She left the lottery ticket on my porch like I'd asked but I didn't see the kids anymore.

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her bring in her beloved service animal. First the Airline now the grocery store. How could they not understand that with out Suzie chicken her ability to cope with life was

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Shalangriu according to some rules that other people have devised? And write upon -- this alphabet -- larky lar -- oh you of the timeclocks -- I am the Grace, she decided, as vague

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…,” but then little Chilly Willy wobbled and shoved his way through the huddle until he was within an inch of my womanliness, close enough to see I was without panties. He stabbed

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his palms, and repulsively smears the greenish-yellow mucus down some random woman’s long elegant red hair, being sure to spread whatever was left of the snot on her right asscheek

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surface. A flying mineral struck another. A spark. The flatulent rat punched into the martian core and was through and out, the galaxy receding like a beautifully thrown frisbee.

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Every single time I get out of my house, they all run a way and scream: "That is the scary witch". And all I want to do is talk with the youngsters, I just feel so lonely and ugly

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pursed my lips, crossed my arms, looked up at the ceiling & sort of lollygagged away from this entire filthy situation. My boss noticed something wrong. "What's wrong? Why are you

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huddled in a corner of the paddock plotting their vengeance, and the Steven steaks were plentiful. Wait. I glanced over at the herd, who noticed me looking and shuffled away.

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muck and mire like hell-fiends, stopping for nobody or nothing. When looking back at their father, a mangy old mutt, forever frozen under the tree, they woof'd in unison to