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an unfortunate scientist who had been passing by. Papet hurriedly checked the man's pulse, worried that he might have crushed this man with his rotund features, but then

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to the loo. The first thing the Pixel Pixies learned about the real world was that poop happened. Once the Skronk saw that they'd been released, it to emerged into the real world.

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it didn't. In fact, the ring held an ancient curse: if ever it wasn't worn on a finger, its holder would cause a slight, inexplicable discomfort in the people around him. The man

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the surprise. No one knew they had return from their travels beyond the Great Sea. What they have discovered and learned could serve them well in the years to come, but first

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best ors'deurves had been scarfed by the departed lupine. The partygoers were already at the part where they were starting to puke down their own shirts. Down on the track the wolf

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'd hungr'ly, doth protesting too much for his like. May his review inspire Lily to curdle some rancid soy brew for him! If she but chuck'd it down the drain, a fine meal he'd dine.

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one morning when she was staring blankly into space, she had a vision of herself as a little girl. She was wearing a tiger skin and leaping though the woods. "I am queen of the

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en. But speaking of ipecac, my trained crow brought me a VHS tape of some randomly recorded episodes of Taxi. Closer inspection revealed a rare pre-internet YouTube Poop, focusing

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vengeance upon his escaped proboscis monkey. Carmen and Spindle tried to blow their noses, but the wee folk were already too deep inside their sinuses. Frankenstein was dabbing,

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to stable. 30/30 was having none of it. Hot in pursuit of the pony rustlers, he leapt from James's space wagon and onto that of the villains', brandishing his laser musket. With a