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Even the cat would jolt awake in shock, surveying the room for whatever foul beast was raping her nostrils. Terrified and unsure, Buttons usually ran out of the room and hid under

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took both my wife's and mistress' hands and held them together. I said "Common gals. Let's just put this all behind us." I added "I love you. You love her. She loves me." Why can't

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but it was out and without an opposable thumb it was unable to spark it on it's own. As much as the humanoid wolf hated Bogarts she couldn't call her on it because he needed her to

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the negativity bus, when the positivity machine was rebuilt.

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-led? Me too. But Charles Fort isn't puzzled, the putz. He thinks that just because he spouts nonsense, he knows everything. But he doesn't know that I am running away with his

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I turned over the automated warehouses to those who had lost their jobs in the process, but kept the profits as they worried themselves sick over the complicated upkeep. "Not my

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was their favourite drink. In fact, they drank so much they started to sweat alcohol. When they got married, everyone was asked to bring them sangria so they could forget the day.

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and Ringhoin met her downstairs in Ross’s 3rd dungeons & dragons hosting. Gypsy vigor was called for and answered. It’s the leeches on the morn but just now I’ll not cheat myself.

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after wave of ethnic springs being quashed all around them. Most were too busy with their Summer Reading to notice that their beaches were now the battlefield for the hearts & mind

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But that wasn't the reason. He didn't choose scifi as much as scifi had chosen him. Oscar was abducted and probed repeatedly and it was through filmmaking that he found an escape.