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She threw the black suit across the room and grabbed a white and tan outfit from the closet that would be more appropriate in the dry desert heat. Dressing, she strapped her gun on

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"No, not really," I replied before quickly looking down at my lap. I had no intention of keeping this farce going. I just wanted to get out of here and back to my real life.

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I felt abandoned by the Cosmos. So there I was, stuck on the planet of the crazy people, pure materiality twitched about by us dust devils of happenstance. Never liked Charbucks, b

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the negativity bus, when the positivity machine was rebuilt.

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The grubs of progress and adventure woke you each morning to get get you into the battle of existing....sometimes that bitch just was out to kill you.

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to ask her to muster the courage to fight them. That was all he could really do. And he must let go. ANd this time, it would be far easier. "I set you free," he said, shutting his

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I turned over the automated warehouses to those who had lost their jobs in the process, but kept the profits as they worried themselves sick over the complicated upkeep. "Not my

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buzzer sounded. "What is: Guilt by association?" asked the Bishop. "I'm sorry, no," replied Alex, "Close, but no cigar. Off with his head!" The cameras zoomed in on the Bishop's

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They would have died, but just then the devil came springing out of the pits, a sulfurous smoke wafting from his heckish arm pits. "I'll make a deal with you, Chris and James," he

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-eking Vulture Cemetery to beg Roger Dirt's ghost to help on the recording. But Roger Dirt's manager refused to release him from his contract, even though he was dead. So David had