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Usually people died, which was her favorite part of the opera, but on the other hand, she had different fingers. She couldn't bear their protracted death scenes that went on long

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Not this world! Great Leader ruined our society to build an orbital wall to keep the Federation out. Great Leader is saving our orifices from alien seed. Not a pleasure planet.

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remembered that I could respond rather than react. "You poor, dear, mutant redwood," I said. "Lately I've begun to smell of roses and magnolia blossoms. No idea why. Antiperspirant

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were an awful lot of people in stiff clothing shuffling about, oh so taller than me and my plush toy puppy body. Hardly anyone noticed when I dashed out into the throngs in order

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protocols availed her for naught. The lupine rendition took over her hare addled parsnip for a brain. The tapir, meanwhile, had managed to free itself from being injected into her.

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exposed the TRUTH to Termagro & XLT & they turned a shade of pistachio ice cream, they both barfed, they both fainted. Monique grinned & danced the Funeral Dance of the Marionettes

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hung over. It was a special kind of pained daze, like the kind described to him a crack addict feels in the morning. Wood shavings littered the commander's face and the floor. He'd

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trysts. Marie began wondering if she was a Black Widow. "Every man I have been with has died soon after," she confided to her Confessor, Father Iago. "Not all of them," he said.

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the Hollywood closet junkie set. It's how I get my fix!" Judy's eyes were like that of a shark, large, black and moist. Cary wanted to fall into them and drown, but he was too gay.

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Then one day a hapless Grub-flash delivery driver makes a stray remark about how 'both sides are shitting in the same hand.' Needless to say. They went out for drinks at O'Malleys.