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-ndroids in drab A-line dresses who couldn't have a creative idea if it was programmed into their artificial intelligence. These Matrons were only good for nagging and scolding

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Umlaut tried the strip-bank & the zodiac killer's unabomber-style shack, but nobody would give them a loan this Easter Christmas. Krieger looked at Umlaut, wiggled his mustache,

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With the Super Weasel bridge burnt to cinders, we could dust our hands in ignorance, unaware that Son of Super Weasel, Super Junior Weasel, was watching from the abutment below.

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with his tiny hands reached for his tiny mushroom; elated at his tumescence. His mushroom hadn't stood up like that since The Island. The nymphs sensed a change in the buffoon's

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the detox center to purrge their system of any nasty meowfter-effects of last night's carousing. The cats were shivering around a barrel of fire & spoke of things only whispered.

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beaming aboard the Starship Enterprise and being captain for a while. They sit in that fancy chair and start barking out orders and... oh wait, we're talking about horses, huh? I'm

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cketers wanted abolished. Arnie Schwartz was a dentist who discovered a compound to actually encourage teeth to regrow in on their own cavities, at least to an extent. Mr. Buttle

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where he became a connoisseur of well-endowed, unbecoming, alien women; in fact, after being released from Nebulon prison, he mourned returning to his Earth home of Booty-Ville, NJ

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meant to bang it on the aquarium's glass wall to show how they sea monkeys were responding only to the music's vibrations. But the dance trophy seemed to gain momentum & shattered

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she wanted when she wanted. Decapitation, at this point, is off the table. For now. That is subject to change. Princess Harriet's astrologer suggested they use her ticker-tapeworm