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part after several hours, head home to our everyday lives and routines, but now there is a number written on my palm from someone I want to see again.

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Glyph-Cipher but you can call me Vajg. We haven't had a new girl in here in ages. Did the Motherhouse send you? I ask because we have seen some true believers. We have to see to th

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his unwritten folding stories spilled out intent on finding a new writer so that they'd see the dark of night. Which is how we ended up in these dungeons under the profaned church.

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the standards of the Flemish flan. For that, Julia possessed the beaters to forever fail to make the perfect flan. The noise was their wailing at failing their mistress. A sobbing

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bacterial infections in their eyelids. Which I thought had nothing to do with Blood Panties... until I saw the way they wore them...

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s over before it began as the event was overrun by flying saucers shooting death rays and EMP pulses. Fudgey the Whale was an easy target & Sam the Seahorse was in the blast zone.

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Sisters of the Blessed Silence, a non-Scientology affiliated convent in the center of Evanston. It was whispered that the Sisters of the Blessed Silence predated Columbus by 3 cent

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He lost all sense of direction as the earth shook and the trees shuddered. The Orcs who lived there approached the Tree King, an oak, about which gods were sending messages.

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One year later, Mr. Dinkleberg still could not remember more than 2,646 words. How was this measured? No one knows. One can only guess how any such device could exist in Heaven.

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Mulch Apocalypse are you?" Dr.Wenkelstein motioned for his assistant to hit him on the back which he promptly did,dislodging a humusy mass of brown matter. "Hack hork. You imbecile