lika sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme boddddddddddddddddddddddy I lika to speaka to sumbooody who can speaka chinese said the Italian to the cowboy. They joined the priest and the hobo and started a new band. They became the Hobo-Priest Hooligans, a six-piece jug band. The priest played a pipe, while the hobo hummed and sporadically stomped his feet. They played all over The burrough of Sillopshire. They loved to do "Mecca Flat Blues" and the audience loved that song too. It was based on a true story! The Mecca Flats were demolished in 1950. Every time Seamus told that story about The Mecca Flats some important piece of information was clearly wrong for different people but they all ended up at the same funny part. It made no difference to Seamus that Hortense had once been an underwear model. Only that she came from Mecca Flats. And that she had loved him. And that she had left him. "I loved you & then I left you!" Hortense said unnecessarily. Seamus beamed a toothless smile. "Yes & here you are again!" he pointed out to her. Hortense threw her panties at him. "Oh, Horty. You know I could never fit in these, not with these gams," said Seamus. "Plus, I'm not much of a prospect at this stage of the game." Hortense said, "And yet I'm here."



1 BlastedHeath's photo

Love your fold, LordVacuity (at time of writing).

Now I’m not sure if Hortense actually said, “And yet I’m here” or if it was “Yet here I am.”

Feeling somewhat Donna’s-sister at the moment.

2 BlastedHeath's photo

I have considered the different flavors and emphases and I will let that ride.

3 LordVacuity's photo

The horny younger one or the other one that was only mentioned once, as being away at boarding school?

4 BlastedHeath's photo

Oh, you. Between “And yet I’m here” and “Yet here I am.”

5 BlastedHeath's photo

Do people still even remember the Beatles? I meant Donna’s younger sister the writer in Twin Peaks, weighing “full blossom of the evening” against some other phrasing.

6 LordVacuity's photo

Oh, you must be of the opinion that because I can write, “I pooped today”, and “I’m serious”, that I know what the hell is going on around here. How did that sentence get between me and my attempt at communication with somebody who wasn’t a shadow or a cutout, stencil or other likeness of a person who might like to be the parson of a small Icelandic village in the Arctic Circle. Something the great Cornholio could appreciate while basking on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

7 SlimWhitman's photo

Well, it was some great fun once it got going, in any case.

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