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“Look at me, I’m a naughty alpine boy” could become a meme.
Be worried.

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SlimWhitman: My bad. I do believe I had a momentary lapse of concentration and fell into one of my deep Pining For the Fjords fugues. I won’t let it happen again. (All things being equal of course, and barring any unforeseen and culturally unrelated lutefisk or lederhosen avalanches. :-)

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The lutefisk has a stinkeye . .

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Ahh….but you only say that because you haven’t yet met surstromming….

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It seems like only yesterday that The Kraken was reading the newspaper in his best Max Schell impression to amuse the driver of a truck full of lutefisk as it bumped along some lonely but sunlit road.

Somewhat later, one of those lutefisk has a serious question to ask:

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