"Do you love me like, oh, the mighty ocean crashing on the shore or something?" "Yah, I guess so." The romance was finished! Scott Tuba knew in his bones it was a bestseller-to-be if only he could bear to change the names of Captain Picard and crew. Scott's friends read his romance and said it was refreshingly insincere and unconvincing, especially the part where he had to run off and fight the Gromulanian Star-Humpers for three years without so much as admitting that he'd even been away. Scott and the rest of Picard's crew decided that they weren't being compensated adequately by Star Fleet. "Admiral Poobah," Picard began, "the Gromulanian Star-Humpers are ruthless. If we engage, I demand that we receive Some compensation for the time spent on the hunt for the Red Menace himself. He is the puppet-master of Galaxy M23. This guy is the mastermind behind the plot to defenestrate Karl the window washer, who was only in it for the money. Jerry Mahone and Kukla, who were the puppet-master's master puppets, planned to distract Karl with a cute little song and trance but the dervishes didn't clear Customs. Instead Jerry Mahone & Kukla threw an impromptu rendition of Brian's Song from stray Punch & Judy parts to distract the police. Ollie Ended up possessed by the spirit of Punch, who himself hoarded the spirit of an eyeless voodoo priest. Ollie started chasing the cops with a wooden plank. Jerry and kukla ran quick But Slappy headed him off with a band saw, slicing deep into Kukla's head and tearing out bits on the rebound. Chuck (not Chuckie) merely watched on in disapproval, shaking his head. What would Ollie and Fran do without Kukla? Kukla was replaced with Knucklehead Smiff, who was available. But they argued over billing and the act never got off the ground.



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Man, it’s like a puppet show directed by Sam Peckinpah.

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I wonder where Bob is.

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