It was raining outside. Lightning crashed somewhere in the distance. I was staring up at the masked vigilante who'd just broke down my door. I'd never forget what happened next. With one hand, he pushed a tin box against my chest. The difference in power between the vigilante and me was humbling. "Put a kettle on, love.", the masked man growled. I took the tin box and glared him in the eye. "Go make tea yourself." I shoved it back at the masked vigilante, my tiny arms looking like needles in front of his tree-trunk like biceps. The vigilante popped off the box's lid. "But it's looseleaf! The nefarious Doctor Crumpet can only be defeated by being doused in tea- I just can't brew this anymore!" I sighed, All I need is this shoe....It makes me feel like the princess I am and I do not need a man...only to give him my shoes in hand! "Perhaps you do need a man then Princess, to show you that you could be a Queen." said a cute guy that she hadn't noticed standing behind her. He was wearing shiny Tommy Cho shoes. She turned to look at him. She didn't know him but his voice sounded familiar. "I see Sir, that you are wearing Tommy Cho shoes that are quite shiny." He didn't even look down but acknowledged that he was by a nod of his head. She took that to mean that he had realized his mistake in speaking. Now her curiosity was really sparked. Where had she heard him bef -riending a person recently. He didn't have a lot of friends so she should be able to remember. Oh, well, she thought and put her efforts into controlling her out of control curio and knick knack fetish. She thought the rest of the office might have starting to notice when she took their things & brought them back the next day. The trolls were her favorites.



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