I woke up in a hospital...I think it was a hospital...in pain. People dressed in white were surrounding me, looking down at me. But I couldn't talk. I looked down at myself. I was just a head. The doctor smiled, "The corpusdectomy was a complete success. If you could just hold this pen in your teeth and sign here." Mr. Disney was not amused. He signed nothing before reading it. Sure he was just a head now, but his brain was in that head. He leered at the doctor and said, "Don't get ahead of y Ourself now!" Mickey and Mihnnie Mouse were watching while they burned 350 CDs for the Lunar New Year. Dr. Wgfdgjgffgjnmy ignored the mice and told Mr. Disney to skedaddle or else. Disney went catatonic as he worked out what were the possibilities implied in that "or else". Having never been the recipient of an "or else", Dr. Wgfdgjgffgjnmy pulled out his hamster and offered Walt a bite. "These are premium-grade filigree Siberian hamsters," Dr. Wgfdgjgffgjnmy said. "They will get you so high you wouldn't believe." Walt was intrigued , thinking that perhaps a hamster-induced hallucinatory trip might help inspire his next cartoon. Or, it could lead to addiction, and the end of Disney Studios. Walt decided to chance it, and he went on to state in an interview that the hamster drug trip inspired Pink Elephants on Parade. After that, Walt Disney was rolling in profit, and so He had a vasectomy. No sense in having heirs if you’re going to take your ill gotten gains with you to the great beyond. Besides, the truth about Walt would soon come out, and then Nothing more than the last thought that was in his mind as he had the vasectomy took over. What if the sperm bank donations had reached some ladies. 200 woman had IVF. Oh dear.....



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Any doctor who performs a vasectomy on a head has got to be some sort of quack.

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