He was alone on the Metro, and all he could think about was Midnight Meat Train. There were only two other people on the train, one a drunken girl in a mini-skirt, the other a n experienced-looking blonde sucking on a lollipop. He looked at mini-skirt girl. Mini-skirt girl looked at lollipop lady. He smoothed his moustache. Instrumental disco started pla ying. Mr. Farley,the 1st grade teacher,stroked his mustache again &, puzzled, looked again at the CandyLand XXX DVD case. The 1st graders watched Mini-Skirt girl lick Lollipop Lady . Mr. Farley quickly ejected the XXX DVD. "Uh, I better, uh, take this home to watch the rest of this for your safety." One of the First Graders said, "Now wait a minute. You are i in the future? But you're old NOW! I might only be in 1st grade but even I know that you should not meet yourself this way. I can't believe I am going to grow up to be a Barney. Barney Miller, Barney Gumble, or Barney the Purple Dinosaur, I couldn't be sure, but no prospect was good. It turned out I did become a purple dinosaur--but not wearing a suit. I was pushed out onto the set with nothing to cover my purple reptilian bikini zone. What's worse, there were kids on the set. Kids! Clearly, I was being framed. As the cameras panned and scan me, I saw one of those juveniles grab his Ken doll knob and give it a tweak in my direction.Succinctly, I opened my purple reptilian bikini pocket and winked at him suggestively. But he wouldn't make another move. I hesitated. We had other plans, but if he could wait, then so could we. I downed another can of beer, anticipation growing. Eventually anticipation peaked and me and my little friend made good on our plans, left him in his stupor, and painted the porcelain.



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