I thought it was pretty cool just to be in the twilight but I just found out that we're also in the Twilight Zone. That gives this everlasting twilight a whole different backstory. And that story is, Rod Serling’s the original "wiki leaker". US astronauts really did encounter a giant hillbilly lady in a rundown shack. Gremlins regularly tore up airplane wings , but only on flights where William Shatner was a passenger. Which means... DUN DUN DUN!!! Captain Kirk was a RUSSIAN SPY! It all makes sense now! Imma go inform the special agent in charge of your ass. Everybody knows that Bill Shatner is an agent of the Esperanto Intelligence Service. They recruited him straight off the set of Incubus. Some whisper. "Mi nomigas Bill," you'll hear in the dead of night. "Mi estas spaca capitano; al senfineco kaj preter." When you hear those words, and only then, will you be free to go. Capiche?' "I don't understand a word you're saying, Bill," I replied, staring hard at a pimple on his neck. Bill's face turned red with rage and the pimple exploded. "Call me Clearasil," I grinned from ear to ear. Bill had a speech impediment, and I loved egging him on for getting simple words incorrect. "I'll havme 2 eggms with cheems." Bill slurred. I felt kind of bad for being a bully though, so I decided to use my powers to end his speech impediment. Something went wrong and now he could speak normal, but I couldn't. All of my words came out garbled, like I was speaking in reverse. They turned to watch as I struggled to articulate my thoughts. My eyes stung with tears, theirs shone with malice. But luckily I lived in Noel Edmonds Torture House and there was a party going on. I set them up on the Blobby rack and unleashed Blobby gibberish as I tortured them til they died.



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