It was broken. Nobody knew why. But that was a lie. Vincent knew that there was a very real threat sitting in the school hall. Was it a teacher, a child or one of parents? Or perhaps... it was the hall itself. He thought back to long evenings spent consulting building plans, plotting the failed raid on the school's gold reserves. There had been no architects involved in the planning process, a not insignificant oversight considering the uneven terrain of the local area, which was the result of years and years of releasing altered chipmunks from the lab. The chipmunks knew only themselves and the Earth. And the Earth was fear, and the chipmunks were rage. The city had sprawled inwards the source; the Grand Nut; the rodent vortex. Sarah shivered; their helium voices a terrible echo of crass commercialism and pre-teen brainwashing. Maybe this is how we think the world ends: not with a bang, but with some chipmunks in a vortex, which was expanding exponentially outwards until it enclosed Sarah and went ZOOP! She arrived in a flurry of excitement (and chipmunk fur) into the next dimension. "What took you so long, Sarah?" asked Dr. Who, plainly irritated, but bemused nonetheless. Sarah smoothed her petticoat over and breathlessly replied. "Apologies Doctor... High Victorian society requires one to display the proper and prim mannerisms of a lady." Dr.Who chuckled lightly. "I really don't know what to make of this," he said."So just shut up and kiss me,you fool!" Dr. Who let her grab him and bend him over for a passionate french kiss.Sloppily,they made the beast with two backs. What she and Dr. Who didn't know was that they were being watched live by over a trillion sentient beings who tuned in to watch Championship Cricket.



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Hilarious ending, Ped!

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