Agent B52s Tricky mission: find a Cure for the Broken Social Scene. His contact said he’d find a Gold Panda At The Drive-In, under a pile of Cardigans behind the Dirty Projectors. The Gold Panda wore My Morning Jacket in the Soundgarden to hide from Interpol. The Walkmen were "In Bloom", though Paul Banks's Dismemberment Plan loomed large. Agent B52 set sail ing away on a tireless Journey. He was trying to get to Asia. The boat sank but he was rescued by a Jefferson Starship. The ship's door went Wham! when it opened and Lady Marmalada invited him on board. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ensured the ship exited Earth's orbit. Major Tom called Earth Control and they travelled 1984 light years to discover that a defect in the rocket had caused them to travel in a circular path. They were right back where they had begun: Las Vegas. Lady Marmalada was livid. "I was a young Lady studying French when the war broke out. Now I know I wasted my time." Her companion, Lord of The Strawberries, was trying to reassure her there had to some way to leave. She had had enough of his fawning all over her. The next time he started smoothing the ruffles on her decolletage she smacked his hand with her fan. He seemed to like it but took out a small pearl-handled pistol from his morning coat and shot the teacup poodle that had been sleeping in her arms. Her decolletage was now spattered with blood, and the effect was immediate. She fell into a dead faint, dropping the deceased poodle in the process in an ungainly heap onto the dirty ground. Her blood splattered decolletage was now ruined. So was her plan to crash her ex's party, it seemed. Without so much as a freshen-up, she ubered her way out of this mess and soon found herself surrounded by unwelcoming trans.



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oops - got that lyric wrong!

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