I've been stranded on this island for the past 20 years, but at least I have internet. In spite of that, nobody can rescue me because the island is in the middle of the Arctic Sea. I am surrounded by ice that is unbreakable in an frosty canyon that is untraceable. I at least have my contact with the outside world. But I only have 13 days until the results of my gene-splicing ... "Heh," said Haribo Dostoevsky to his fellow northbound traveler, Justin Karamazov. "Let's check it out." Justin pulled off one of Haribo's gummy arms and squished it under a microscope. "See? Not only is my genetic makeup gluten free, it is also part Swedish, due to a fish on my mother's side a few generations back. I mean, it's not like I can go back in time and question my ancestors. I can't prove I'm part fish. I just know it's true," Justin said. The rest of Justin's bandmates nodded sympathetically before backing out of the room in a single-file line and softly singing "bye bye bye". No one would believe he was a merman if he couldn't show them his merman's tail which he couldn't do as long as he was not in sync with his true form. Justin crooned a quiet entreaty into the bath water at Aquaman. He jumped at the sight of a sudden burst of bubbles at the surface. Aquaman was giving him suspicious looks. "Ew! Justin, was that you?" His merman tail suddenly smacked Aquaman. "Sorry!" said Justin, "No it wasn't me it was uh… my cat!" He pulled a wet cat out of the water. The cat farted. "Just keep your merman tail out of my face," said Aquaman. Aquaman took note of the water conditions. "Justin, why is this water 98°?" Justin shrugged oddly. "Why are you in this backstreet? You're not a new kid on the block." Justin lied.



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This is strangely coherent, like some haunting trail of bubbles.

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Being a Backdoor Boy has prevented Justin from seeing to his duties as Aquaman’s pool boy.

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Well, sometimes it’s not appropriate to Summon the Seven.

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