STOP CHANGING YOUR PROFILE PICTURES! ITS MAKING ME CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR IDENTITY OF WHAT YOU SEE YOURSELF IN EXPRESSION AND MIND. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) just kidding. Im a pink power ranger. I ended the first fold with a flourish, a trollish grin on my face. Ha! How would the second folder continue? I thought with glee, clacking my twenty inch toenails on my dog. I would never find out because at that moment, my mild-mannered mutt chopped on my calf & wouldn't let go. "Let go, dammit! I wanna see what the 4th folder writes!" Blood gushed from my now elevated leg onto the computer screen, obscuring the 4th fold. Dammit! I grabbed a doily to wipe the blood off the computer, desperate see what the 5th folder wrote. Between the blood smears I saw some words like "nincompoopetent" "wordtrasher" and "Foldflub". I wasn't gonna stand for it but meanwhile 5th folder was clicked off by 6th folder who stormed in unannounced at immediately took offense at the unkind words. "I'll fix this," thought the 6th folder as she twisted the words like pretzels. When the 7th folder stepped in, everything was in order. The 7th folder felt relieved knowing he would not be required to make sense out of the word avalanche nor would he need to move the plot forwar d. This avalanche of responsibility fell upon the 8th folder. How was he to move this "plot" forward? Ah! Just keep typing and it will push the plot into the 9th folder's lap! The plot weighed 59grams by that time. Each word added has a weight of it's own. By the time the 10th fold arrived, the plot was so thick you could stir it with a stick. The stew Of subplots was beginning to boil over proving once again that exposition wasn't always a good thing. The antihero heard the narration & now knew what he hadn't known. Full circle.



1 SlimWhitman's photo

Wow,  a full on meta story!
Coming full circle is not so uncommon on foldingstory.

2 LunaSta's photo

What an epic end. Really makes my day, thank you all!

3 LunaSta's photo

I like looking back at this story, it makes me laugh lol

4 dimplesample's photo

I don’t even recognize that I wrote my fold.

5 SlimWhitman's photo

It was someone named Futique…

6 dimplesample's photo

That scoundrel. I never seem to be able to find him in the same room with me and it is impossible to find him if we’re in different rooms.

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