He breathed in the silence. It was his oxygen. Living in the Shadow Lands had chilled his metabolism. But he also could kill without retribution. The target was in sight. The spectre's only remaining consideration was information. The target might know where The Singularity was stored. The spectre leapt out from the shadow frenetically miming at the target. He held up 1 finger, then 5 syllables. "Is it a wall? Are you opening a door?" The spectre gave up & scribbled "Where is The Singularity?" on the Back of the old pickup's rear window, its finger scraping terribly on the glass as it wrote its message. The spectre stared back at the driver, mouthing the words. Where? Where is My home? Where is my country? I had seen it vanish into the ocean. Literally.it was shocking. This old pickup was named Mabel for a good reason. Mabel was my grandmother's name. My grandmother, Mabel, was named after the old pickup truck, Mabel. My grandmother's grandmother, Mabel was also named after the same old pickup, Mabel. He was trying to say maple. The pickup had a maple wood siding. It was one of those cars and trucks that were called Woodies. He liked saying maple but it always came out as Mabel. So name & truck got stuck. "Can you send out a tow?" he asked the grease monkey on the line, "My truck Mabel is stuck in the mud just outside Jersey on Farnal Blvd." "We don't go out that far," said Ned, the mechanic with exotropic eyes. "Are you talking to me?" he asked. "Or...um...who?" The man looked around. When he turned back around, Ned was IN HIS FACE. "YOU, BUB!" Ned said. "How do you know my name?" whimpered Bubba as he handed Ned his wallet. Ned held it up. "THIS is worthless… What I need is a hug." And that's how Ned began to change the world.



1 PurpleProf's photo

The transformation of C. S. “Bubba” Lewis…  Out of the Shadow Lands…

3 Woab's photo

I found Gibber’s ending to be deeply moving.

4 PurpleProf's photo

Agree…a very nice, thought-provoking ending from Gibber. I feel like I need a hug too. Anybody?

5 Woab's photo

Here, I’ll give you a hug in the name of Ned.

6 LordVacuity's photo

“Hug! In the name of Ned
Before you break my heart…”

7 Woab's photo

“In the name of Ned, hug more in the name of Ned…”

8 Gibber's photo

Consentual hugs for everybody! For those of you who don’t want a hug, please don’t imagine one.

9 LordVacuity's photo

The hug I imagined was anemic.

10 lucielucie's photo


11 BlastedHeath's photo

“If you hug somebody, set them free”

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