Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We’re back again this month with a few updates. We’ve added some new features and made some tweaks to the site but our main focus right now is getting some more people to use this thing! That’s where you, our loyal friends, come in. Please take a second to post a story you like to your Facebook or Twitter pages, or simply get out there and tell people about this awesome new game!


Increased Character Limit

Some of you experienced mild bouts of claustrophobia and sudden panic attacks with the old character limits and timer. We value your health and well-being, and that’s why we’ve increased the character limit to 180 characters and the time limit to four minutes. Rest easy everyone.

Story Length Set To 10 Folds

Despite the best efforts of our team of engineers, we’ve realized that in real life it is literally impossible to fold a sheet of paper 20 times. Five folds of fun, however, just seems too short-lived. We decided to compromise and set all stories to 10 folds, which feels just right to us. Fold some stories and tell us what you think!

Recent Activity

Ever wondered where your lines go after you’re done writing? We’ve developed an activity feed that shows you exactly who has added to your lines, who has made comments, and who likes your lines. Check it out on the Dashboard!

Featured Fold & Story

This month’s Top Fold was submitted by Chew116, who wrote “[If only he could] see how I was really living. The lies, the deceit, he would probably stay in that dumpster.” Read the full story. Nice work, Chew116. You can view the latest top folds on our Top Folds page.

This month’s Top Story was finished three days ago and is already leading the pack! Check out “I put on my mask. I took a deep breath…

Site Activity as of November 11, 2010

928 Folds
119 Stories
49 Finished Stories
123 Members

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