Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello readers, writers, authors and friends - and welcome to the FoldingStory blog!

I guess it makes sense to explain why we have the FoldingStory blog. First things first, right? Well, the fact of the matter is that we have lots of irons in the fire right now and we want to keep you informed about what’s going on, introduce you to new features and let you know how you can get more involved. I’ll save the details for future posts, but rest assured we are constantly working to improve FoldingStory and make it the kind of website you tell your grand-kids about one day.

Another reason for the blog is that we want to chronicle our adventure creating FoldingStory. To give you a very brief history, FoldingStory is the brainchild of four friends from elementary school. It was conceived in late February, 2010, and before you knew it we were buying domain names and burning the midnight oil. In October, after months of programming new features and fine tuning, we finally sent our first monthly newsletter and started introducing FoldingStory to people beyond our circle of friends and family.

Well, that’s our story up to this point. Thanks and come back soon for another exciting installment of the FoldingStory blog!

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