Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FoldingStory T-ShirtAlthough we typically spend no more than a few hours a month thinking about clothes, we came together and decided that it was time to pair fashion with FoldingStory to create a new line of Social Storytelling gear that we could collectively wear to look good while folding lines.  Since fulfilling our own orders, we decided to create a CafePress store so that you could order your own. 

OK, we’re not saying that you need to look any better than you already do, but if you ask us, it feels good to write when you look as good as you do wearing this stuff.


Before visiting the store, keep this in mind:  We have four different designs on the third-party site and CafePress gave us no option to pair our logo designs with specific colors…so if you don’t see anything on the T-Shirt preview, you must manually choose a darker or lighter color (or a different logo from the left column) to make sure the shirt looks normal.  Otherwise you might end up with a plain white t-shirt with a white FoldingStory logo (this happened to one of us, don’t let it happen to you).

Here is the web address for the site:

Choose a logo from the “Shop By Design” menu, then choose what gear you want and what color you want it to be.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for T-Shirt designs and we’d be happy to add more designs.

Also, if you purchase a shirt, take a picture and send it  As long as you’re wearing more than just the t-shirt, we’ll post it on the blog!


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