Sunday, March 27, 2011

OK so many of our FoldingStory fans have been hesitant to get in and start folding because they’re afraid that they aren’t clever enough to put together a line that people like.  I’ll admit, everyone on the FoldingStory team shares this fear.  Our avid users have shown surprising creative endurance, and while it probably comes natural to them, we think there are some strategies that you can use to generate ideas on the fly and earn some points.

Since we launched the site we’ve been keeping track of all the votes that our users have made on each fold, and by analyzing the top folds here is what we’ve found:

1. So this guy walks into a bar…

Most of the top folds are in that category because they are funny.  We’re not talking stupid funny either, we’re talking REALLY stupid funny.  The zanier the better, trust me. 

2. Get me a paper clip, a stick of gum, and some tinfoil…

Action folds make up almost as much as the funny folds. In some cases there are funny action folds, and these are my personal favorites.  If you can move the story along with some block-buster special effects, you’ll find yourself on that leaderboard.

3. It was the best of folds, it was the worst of folds…

Sometimes starting new stories can be your ticket to FoldingStory stardom.  These are often easier than you think.  Try something that happened to you that day, or perhaps start the story at the middle or end of a situation to get the Memento effect.

4. Tap into your inner Thomas Hardy...

A great fold is only as good as its previous folder’s set up.  While we’re not against ending a fold with a period, most of the best folds are open-ended gems that add something wild or creative to the story and then

5. Suppress the desire to write one-liners…

Most of the top folds include more than just a quick hit-and-run, often times using up as many characters as you can from the number of available ones in each fold.

Tell us what you think make up the best folds.  We’d love to hear from you!

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1 Chaz's photo

I go with the improv adage “Yes and…” Embrace what is written before your post and expand on it. By expanding, it keeps the story going. Don’t cut off an idea with a negative. For example: Wrong “Harry’s dog said….” “nothing because dogs can’t speak” Right “Harry’s dog said…” “Can we go out on walkies? I know a great restaurant.”

2 sundancer's photo

**Make sure you read the previous fold carefully before you enter the next couple of lines. Few things are more annoying than a sentence that makes no sense grammatically with the one above.
**Include character names or pronouns if possible to help the next person know who the story is about. It’s annoying when the story shifts pronouns right in the middle because someone didn’t give the next person enough information.
**Try to go with the story if you can rather than taking it in another direction which is the easy way out. Sometimes it’s fun to steer it somewhere else, but if everyone does that then the story is all over the place.

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