Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picture this: It’s April. It’s probably raining outside and you’ve just finished your taxes. There’s strife in the Middle East, natural disasters abound, it’s still snowing in Chicago, and this Big Bird tribute to Jim Henson is still getting you down…OK now cheer up everyone! It’s springtime, this new time–lapse movie is awesome, and FoldingStory has your prescription for winter’s hangover: Write. Fold. Pass. Repeat.



Here at FoldingStory we don’t pretend to know anything about how to dress, but we think our latest foray into the world of apparel has sent shock waves through the fashion universe. Check out the blog post to see for yourself and receive instructions on how to get your hands on your own FoldingStory gear. Don’t forget to send us pictures!


In the next week or so, you’ll have the option to set a theme for your story that everyone folding after you will see. Now you can keep the story centered on things like specific locations, animals, your ex-girlfriend, celebrity cooking stars, ancient languages, or purple polka dots. The more creative, the better, so stay tuned.


What makes a good fold? Stop pulling out your hair when the time limit is reached and you’ve got nothing. Read our blog post and improve your score!


Have you been stalked by this six-sided monster? Check out the blog post.

Featured Fold & Story

This month’s Featured Fold was submitted by Davodd, who reminds us to respect our elders: “…usually dressed as one of the Golden Girls - which somehow - made the rice taste better. On the other hand, the MSG had the nasty side effect of making us…” If you’re not too hungry at this point, read the full story. Want to check out more great folds and see how yours stack up? Check out our Top Folds page.

Perhaps an inspiration for our latest new feature, a great set of folds seems to keep its theme consistent in this month’s Featured Story, “While normally it is difficult for me to begin writing, today was different…

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1 sundancer's photo

Remember the story theme feature you told us about back in April? Do you have any idea when that will be implimented? Foldingstory is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites and my go-to for boredom. I’ve been on it almost every day for a week. I think I’m hooked! Can’t wait for themes and for inviting specific members to add. (That way we can avoid trolls!)

2 ben's photo

Sundancer, we haven’t forgotten about story themes! (Although somehow your comment slipped by us…) Some other things came up and took priority, but themes are still very much in the pipeline. We are still developing the feature and in retrospect perhaps we teased it just a bit too early. You can be sure that we will announce it in a newsletter when it’s finally ready.

Thanks for your patience on this — and on other upcoming features — and we’re glad FoldingStory has been able to help stave off the boredom!

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