Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May is a very special month for us at FoldingStory, and not only because it is Zombie Awareness Month. About this time last year we stopped talking about how awesome it would be to create FoldingStory and we got busy building it out. It’s now one year later and we couldn’t be more excited to see how much fun people are having with it. Keep folding those stories!



After spending a good deal of time dealing with evil trolls who take an insane amount of strange pleasure from folding obscene or unintelligible lines, we’ve decided to invoke your help with this problem. Now when you see an offensive line, you can now flag it by clicking on the flag icon next to each available line. If there are enough flags from our users, we will remove the line and remind the user about the rules.


While we don’t expect you to name your children in honor of our website, we are constantly vying for your affection. Even if there’s no other incentive than to show us you care, head over to Facebook, “like” us, and maybe post a comment on our wall to tell us how much!


Last month FoldingStory was featured as an browser pick. Check out the article.

IS FOLDINGSTORY A VIDEO GAME? author David Sanchez offers his insights into exactly what category FoldingStory falls into. We think this is a futile exercise, as FoldingStory must be in its own category. Check out David’s article and let us know what you think.

Featured Fold & Story

This month’s Featured Fold was submitted by BadAxel, who helped save a story from inside of a hippo with this line: “…It was actually pretty nice in there. I set up a time share with Jed and Frank, a nice gay couple from Yorkshire. Sure the stomach acid got in the way every now and then, but…” You have to see where this goes next: read the full story. Want to check out more great folds and see how yours stack up? Check out our Top Folds page.

An exploration into the dark world of self-mutilation, brain transplants gone awry, and (of course) controversial music videos sparkle in this month’s Featured Story, “Sally Temple was always so self-conscious about her sixth finger…

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