Friday, July 29, 2011

The FoldingStory Newsletter is evolving! Turns out, you love the Featured Fold & Story section, but don't care so much for the Announcements. Poof, it's gone. Oh, it'll make the occassional cameo if we have something really important to say, but we want to give you more of what you want and not waste your time with stuff you don't care as much about. Let us know what you think about the new format.

Featured Folds

xardesvives provides our first featured fold in Spanish: "Cuando abrió su ultraportátil, la imagen seguía allí, mirándole inquisitivamente desde el fondo de su escritorio, igual que un huésped que no acaba de irse…" And don't worry if you can't read Spanish, Chaz provides a nice translation.

Kengar is either talking about a mid-swim strip search or a very wet mugging: “He then swam down and took my socks off, ‘Dash it all’ I thought, my mother-in-Law’s Christmas present too? What’s he going to go for next, surely not my…

Our final featured fold was written by sundancer, who channels the poetry of Dr. Seuss to close out the story: "[a]n angry protest. Dr. Seuss declared, 'Sometimes the glory of a story is that it doesn't mean a thing. It's demeaning to suggest meaning in a word without an aim.'"

Featured Stories

Get the real story about "The Baked Bean Murders." It takes a fairy tale twist that turns up noses.

How can we not feature a story about an evil shopping cart, pyramids, beer, and feline stew?

Pregnant granny decides to liven things up with a game that's fun for the whole family - Russian Roulette!

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1 sundancer's photo

Announcements were pretty cool. I do miss them. They always gave a bit of zing to the blog. I hope they come back. :-)

2 sundancer's photo

P.S. Thanks for featuring my fold!!! There were some great stories this month, weren’t there?

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