Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If you weren’t too busy assessing the damage from yesterday’s destruction, you might have been trying to avoid this guy. Or you live in traditionally shaky ground, in which case you might be pondering exactly what all the fuss is about. Now just relax, take one of those deep breaths people keep telling you to take, go to FoldingStory and write as many folds as you can before the end of the world actually happens…



Animals and pets are a part of life for our FoldingStory writers, as we’ve noticed a high percentage of stories on FoldingStory show off their animal side at least once. Here are the top ten animals mentioned on FoldingStory since May 2010: 1. Dog (436) 2. Cat (279) 3. Bear (161) 4. Fish (143) 5. Bird (134) 6. Chicken (125) 7. Horse (91) 8. Dragon (73) 9. Lion (68) and you can’t leave out 10. Manatee (67).


FoldingStory has officially recorded over 20,000 folds and 3,000 total stories since we first started folding! We’ve also seen more than 100 flags from you letting us know about some unsavory folds. Thanks everyone! We are officially a group of creative geniuses with a knack for detective work. Keep it up, Gumshoe.

Featured Fold & Story

This month’s Featured Fold stays true to our animal theme, except were these animals or were they were-animals? You decide: “…with his suddenly bullish legs. ‘If were-frogs were were-tadpoles once,’ Manatee mused. ‘Were werewolves were-pups?’ But where were Waldo and the were-whales? These mysteries were…Read the full story to find out where Waldo is, where the were-whales are, and where we’re headed with this were-story.

This month’s Featured Story is a mouth-freshening popsicle away from being the world’s unhealthiest bucket list. Give it a read — and remember to think twice before bringing your car keys to the toilet.

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