Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tired of all those pesky Facebook updates? Or are you just tired of people being tired of them? While we’d like to admit that we haven’t made any major updates to the site because it’s perfect the way it is, the truth is that we simply have been too busy worrying about our use of pronouns to improve our collective health. In the meantime, go fold some stories, be sure to eat right, and we promise we won’t give you anything to complain about.


Speaking of Pronouns…

To give you an idea of the FoldingStory community’s use of pronouns, here is a quick rundown of the top first-person singular pronouns versus others.

First-person singular:

  1. I (15,247)
  2. Me (2,795)
  3. Mine (62)

Other top pronouns:

  1. He (11,341)
  2. It (8,750)
  3. That (7,606)
  4. His (7,174)
  5. She (5,839)
  6. Her (5,022)
  7. You (3,706)
  8. They (3,376)
  9. This (3,003)
  10. Him (2,375)

FoldingStory Milestones

Since we launched the voting feature we’ve seen a great deal of back slapping going on. This month we saw our first Folder reach 3,000 votes! Great job MoralEnd. Now do what’s right for your country and Rock the Vote on your favorite folds.

Featured Fold & Story

We don’t know what to say about this month’s Featured Fold except that we now want to grow mustaches and eat flamingo: “…blow a dandelion.’ He pushed past the hosts to the buffet where a feast of hazelnut stuffed flamingo tempted him as much as the ice-sculpture of Burt Reynolds nearby. ‘If only…” Read the full story to discover what else was going on at this block party (hint: Goldie Hawn look-alikes and a dance party with death).

This month’s Featured Story asks whether it’s possible to teach a bear to dance using the carcass of a nun and has a sweet cameo by none other than the Wyld Stallyns! Give it a read — and next time you look up at the night sky, you just might be looking at Sister Francesca.

Site Activity

  • 23,500 Folds
  • 3,162 Stories
  • 1,545 Finished Stories
  • 1,654 Members

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