Monday, October 24, 2011

Ho Ho Ho, ahem, I mean Happy Halloween! While it’s not exactly Halloween yet, we thought we’d wish you a happy one now since just about every other website in the world will be doing so in the next week. We considered boycotting the trend, maybe even staging a protest, but who can resist the urge to express oneself through subtle and not-so-subtle pumpkin art? Or perhaps you don’t share our enthusiasm, which is fine because you will always be able to fold some stories to get your creative fix.



The FoldingStory community can sometimes be a spooky place. Here’s a macabre list of top evil terms mentioned in our growing library of stories:

  1. Dead (295), Death (186), Died (131), Die (120)
  2. Blood (330), Bloody (53)
  3. Screamed (215), Screaming (77), Scream (59), Screams (28)
  4. Kill (168), Killed (108)
  5. Hell (260)
  6. Zombie (99), Zombies (74)
  7. Pain (121), Painful (33)
  8. Evil (141)
  9. Flesh (125)
  10. Monster (77), Monsters (23)

FoldingStory Milestones

We’ve got our eyes on a major FoldingStory milestone. As of right now, we are fewer than 300 folds away from a total of 25,000 folds since we started. Now go to FoldingStory and help us reach our new goal!

Featured Fold & Story

You hungry? Unless you’re from the hills of West Virginia, chances are you won’t be after reading this month’s Featured Fold (just kidding, we love hillbillies!): “…for bacon-wrapped squirrel-on-a-stick. The next recipe was a marmot gumbo. This must have been the point when Harley got dumped by Trixie & became a Carnan survivalist…Read the full story for some great food fiction & poetry.

This month’s Featured Story follows a 63-year-old fatalist, fugitive, pugilist, philatelist, and veteran as he heads back to elementary school. Read about his budding friendship with a narcoleptic prepubescent classmate.

Site Activity as of October 24, 2011

  • 24,711 Folds
  • 3,309 Stories
  • 1,618 Finished Stories
  • 1,645 Members

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