Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We all know what time it is. It's time to give thanks, drum up your favorite loose attire, and eat like you know you can. That's right, this isn't our first rodeo. Luckily this year we've got some more interesting ways to lose the holiday weight. Now if that doesn't make your head spin, be sure to log in and fold some stories before the impending food coma sets in.


Search This!

How did we live without being able to search the Internet for important things like this? That's why we've developed our very own nifty search tool to allow you to find finished stories containing any specific words or phrases of your choosing. This was one of the features that you've been asking for and we've been eager to get it working for you. Now you can write, fold, pass, and search.

FoldingStory Milestones

How many folds would it take to reach the moon if they were all stacked one on top of the other? As always, we have no idea. We're just stoked because this month we have officially surpassed 25,000 folds. Now go to FoldingStory and help us reach deep space!

Featured Fold & Story

While the golfing season comes to an end in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, this month's Featured Fold has us daydreaming about hitting the links: "…winging the club at his head.' I didn't want to dirty my new Taylor Burner. It was great to finally be out on the golf course. With the weather unseasonably cold I was glad to…" Read the full story if you're not feeling too chilly yourself.

This month's Featured Story follows our folk hero Jared Manatee on a journey filled with nightmares, orange jumpsuits, and race cars traveling faster than the speed of light. Read about it here and try to keep the thundering in your own heart to a minimum.

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