His or her royal highness prince or princess Gabriella Amoxicillian Juniper Breeze was born on Sunday, July 22nd, 1992 to Prince William and the Duchess of Wales Kate. No surnames were decided upon.The monarchy had yet to determine if & how they were going to reveal the fact that the new baby was a hermaphrodite.This was really going to complicate matters. A Heirs princely duties required royal cuckoldry, while if female the Heiress was to remain chaste until crossing the threshold of her husbands bedchamber, but since s/he was both christian and in the key club, he/she was a real catch. This is why the Liverwood Wizard wanted to steal the Heiress and keep her in his emerald bed. He never needed to really use her but having her connected to his cause wouldn't hurt later on. Once the secret wasn't that. For now he needed to kidnap an heiress & make his emera ld horse gallop faster than ever, so he fed it some Swift Carrots. Swift Carrots make your horse--emerald or not, but emerald in this case--gallop swiftly. With kidnapped heiress, a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and extra Swift Carrots (for the emerald horse), he rode off to his little shack in the Everglades. The kidnapped heiress resisted his gumbo as long as the day is wide. But starvation sometimes leads to desperate measures. The kidnapped heiress reluctantly ate a bowl of his gumbo. The bouquet of flavors that assaulted her made for a slurping, gulping, belching mess that no bib could contain. Later that night, the kidnappers thought of letting her go because the heiress’s farting was profanely nauseating and sounded really wet. Knowing they’d drown in her shart juices, the kidnappers went to the garage for a canoe. The heiress made a break for it, trailing a brown line as she went.



1 Ped_Xing's photo

It wasn’t her worst Wednesday.

2 Jimbeau's photo

TarotGuy, you slay me. I’m doubled over with laughter…or is it gas? In either case, a superb ending.

3 TarotGuy's photo

Thanks, Jimbeau. Your wonderful penultimate fold provided inspiration I just had to take advantage of!

4 Woab's photo

This was a great folding story, all around. Happy new year. I loves alla you nutty writers!

5 Jimbeau's photo

Back at ya, Woab. Catch you on the other side: 2021

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