The Three Little Pigs,tired of the wolf's assaults,got three little tiger cubs trainned from Tibetan Monks. They dressed the tiger cubs up in pig costumes and waited for a visit from the Big Bad Wolf. (Tee hee!!) Shhhh! Here he comes now! "Little Pigs, Little Pigs, let me come in!" Big Bad heard giggling & after huffing & puffing etc. ate the tiger cubs. He said "These little pigs have an exotic taste." The Wolf & pigs stood trial for violating the endangered species act. But the Wolf & Three little pigs had hired Johnny Cochran. It was the Fairy Tale's Trial of the Century. The witnesses spoke Gibberish and their evidence was visual. It was a false front. Behind it, there lurked some nasty reminders of the past. It was inevitable, the Young Turk said. Being the inventor of the language, Gibber became the new Sultan and there was a grand festival involving cats in silk pajamas and lots of lamb stew. The Young Turk was put in a Turkish prison where his nipples were glued to a plexiglass window while the rest of the cage was pressed against the window frame for automatic filing of the prisoner's by time. She found herself wondering why there were so few Armenians in this Turkish prison, and also wondered if Turkish prisons worked like Turkish baths. Would it be a Turkish delight? she found to her dismay that it was not in fact a delight. They tortured her by making her sample horrendous flavors of Turkish delight, each time a clerk would make a note of her visceral reactions using a hidden array of realtime face and body scanners. The data collected would help them develop templates for the crowd-control unit's contortion projectors.



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