The S.S. Incredulous was surrounded by a fleet of Rog Rovnitovs's alien pirates in international spaces. "Scum! And we were so close to Xephyr," said Commander Erma Gerd. Missiles missed the Erma's Incredulous ship by a mile but nicked one of Rog's alien ships. "You nimwits, you hit one of our own!!" hollered Rog. He felt so bummed out by this turn of events that he'd lost all his attachments to anything in this world and ZIP! He accidentally attained enlightenment. Rog turned to the aliens to share his new found clarity, held up his h Is teflon shield, saying Jimmy Wong taught him everything he needed to know. Jimmy Wong laughed put loud and bowed in front of the sun god. "Here is your dinner!", he said. Then, just before the sun god touched the food Jimmy Wong kicked it into the future where it would become a great spacefaring civilization. The sun god was angered & cursed them with sho e fetishes but with no feet. This drove their spacefaring to find those perfect shoes for the footless denizens of the dark. The Perfect Shoe was out there on some planet around so smelly, The "perfect shoe" was poop. On top of the poop was a fat guy eating Nutella cat fishing on online dating sites on other planets. It was this realization that lead me to believe that my bean dip had been spiked with psychedelic drugs, but because of the Buddha growing out of my tongue, I was unable to voice my accusations. Buddha stepped out from my mouth and inclined his head graciously. "My child," he said, taking my hands in his, "you must escape this plane." "But how?" I demanded. Buddha said, "Find enlightenment. Ascend." Then with a smile and nod he faded into sparkles and disappeared. "Not helpful," I screamed as the plane crashed



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Ooh, I love how we drifted in and out of a space theme, here. Cosmic!

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